Jul 6, 2012

Lawless Movie Handguns Details

Lawless, starring by a big packs of A listers, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Shia Labeouf, Mia Wasikowska and etc. The plot is circling a bootlegging gang that is threatened by authorities who want a cut from their profits.

And here is it, a graphic details of the handgun used in Lawless.

You need to know this!

I was expecting talent act from both Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman. Well, especially that badass gangster boss Floyd Banner played by Gary Oldman but I heard that his plays is not a big part in this movie. But hey, a good actor need not a longer screening time but just one great shot of acting on the screen is enough. Yeah! Haven't watch a western gangster movie in a while so I was looking forward to this! And they have a official website for the movie now, here is the link Lawless. You can go there and have fun on their flash game shooting and have a fight!

(PS : Finally, some shooting-action movie!)

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