Jul 6, 2012

Iron Man 3 On Set Photos and some "Details"

Yes, Iron Man 3 has started shooting, the next big thing after Avengers (Sorry, spidey!). Bet all Iron Man geeks can't wait to know the details of the plot for IM3, me too!! So, just take a look at this few on set photos.

Pepper Potts tweets this picture with Tony from the set! I mean Gwyneth herself.

Robert arriving on the set, this dude here from the back, looks like Mark Ruffalo isn't it (that HAIR)?

Stark's beard is back!

Anti-hero Iron Patriot will be involved in IM3, the armor that will be fitted in by Don Cheadle. Ben Kingsley is in for the villain's role. Director Shane Black keeps his script tight close, without any information "leaking out", YET! But, there's a concept art of IM3 spreading around the net and Stark himself, Robert Downey jr said that it got something to do with the plot. So what? The Extremis!

You know, the biggest problem, or maybe the only problem for Iron Man is the way he needs to put on his armor. In Extremis, Stark invents this nanotech serum to creates an organic connection with his suit which means he can transforms suits up his armor anytime, anywhere! This sounds AWESOME! To be honest, I'm quite confident with Shane Black (he's good!) and oh yeah, previous director Jon Favreau coming back as Happy Hogan. Love it, no one can replace him! This is all we know about IM3 but I bet more to come! Let's wait and see.

(PS : Can't wait! The idea will be SUPERB!)

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