Jul 26, 2012

Album review : Justin Bieber's Believe album

Believe it or not? I'm reviewing Justin Bieber's album. The whole "Baby phenomenon" (Baby, baby, baby oh~) brought by this young kid from Canada few years ago gains Justin himself a lot of fans as well as haters.  Haters probably can't stand his out-of-sudden popularity and his teen pop style of music. I'm not a Beliebers, not a extreme haters either, but Justin caught my attention when he was a Youtube artist.

And he's back with a new album, with a very different music style and I think it's a good sign for Bieber. More mature vocal and the music is more towards dance pop. Congrats to the young man (Yea, not a little boy anymore), stick to this genre and style, I bet he can turns haters into Beliebers as well (I think so).   

Unboxing the album. Oh and that Ultimate Girlfriend Passport haha!
I guess I'll give a brief review for each of the song based on my very own opinion (Hate me if you want to). Those track marked with * is track that I recommend.

All Around The World *
Another collaboration with Ludacris after "Baby". First track from the album gave a brand new Bieber to the audience. Nice dance pop, club banger? Yea! 

First single from the album, not my favourite tho. I found that rapping part is annoying, the rest was okay. But, Beliebers love this track so much. You know, JB no longer wanna be your Baby, but your Boyfriend~ (fan scream from Beliebers)

As Long As You Loves Me*
I love this song so much. Very catchy melody. Dubstep R&B, eh dubstep.... But the lyrics can be better. Especially this part, "As long as you loves me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke", yeah call me "saint" or throw potatoes to me but I think the lyrics, nay!

Catching Feelings
Very relaxing, nice tune but simple.

Take You
Similar to "All Around The World" and "As Long As You Loves Me" but much gentle.

Right Here
Collaborate with Drake. Personally, I love their collaboration. But Drake's part sound much better.

Justin's vocal sounds much clearer in this song. If you simply enjoy his vocal, this song is the right one for you.

Die In Your Arms
Resemble Jackson's. Laidback, very relaxing. Justin can considers doing more of this type of song.

Thought Of You
First thing come into my mind, High school musical, the intro's! The rest is good. Catchy. 

Beauty And A Beat  
Dance, electropop. Good choice for the dance floor but I expect more from the collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. No surpise factor.

One Love
I don't like this song. The end.

Be Alright*
I love this. Simple and nice. More acoustic from Justin, please.

The melody, nice. Overall, it's good.

Overall, I think this album is more like an evolution for Justin. Yes, Justin had his recognition in the music industry before this. But, this is the path that Justin starts his real music journey. The album is okay, much better compare to the previous album he had (IMPROVEMENT). For those who compare J. Timberlake with him, oh please, they're in different league. That's it.

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