Aug 1, 2012

Dark Knight Rises screening with Nuffnang and Carlsberg

Waited so long and finally got the chance to watch Dark Knight Rises, in style. Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given the chance to enjoy the screening of Dark Knight Rises while sipping on Carlsberg and crushing popcorns. You know you don't really have the chance to drink beer in a cinema, in Malaysia. So, I was pretty thrill by that, given the chance to do so.

Thanks Nuffnang.

Freezing cold Carlsberg to calm the intense plot of Dark Knight Rises.

Oh ya, can't help to do a bit of photo shooting!

The characters poster.
Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, first one, Batman Begins with the theme of FEAR, following by The Dark Knight with CHAOS and end with Dark Knight Rises which is PAIN. I've gotta say that Christopher Nolan gave a nice ending, relating back to the first one, a completion of Batman trilogy that is never done by anyone else.

Back to the movie itself, it is not impressive as I expected, it was okay. Like a common superheroes movie, Batman stop and come back, fights the bad guy and saves Gotham City. No confusion or outstanding idea from Nolan which is quite unusual (I thought the man going to gives us another puzzle this time but looks like he just wants a great end and completion for the Dark Knight aka Batman trilogy.)

My opinion for the movie :

  • People wanna see catwoman, the new bad guy Bane and how Batman the movie ends, Anne Hathaway was better than I expect, she brought out the catwoman's personality, not the look though but she isn't my favourite catwoman. Bane, physically could have been BIGGER, to parallel with the Bane in comic book, but I love the way Tom Hardy plays it. The accent is difficult to understand but Tom Hardy nailed the strategist villain that can beats Batman physically and mentally. I think Chris Nolan's idea is to make Batman to be more realistic and less cartoonish. That's why you can see how he shapes all the character include Bane, his outfit and mask especially. 
  • All the villains coming back for Dark Knight Rises except Joker, not even mention, as a respect for Heath I think. Bane is just a normal villain in this one, especially when the movie go on and on, Bane is getting less interesting . Joker, still the best villains among all.
  • Acting performance is ordinary for everyone except Michael Caine (Alfred) and Marion Cotillard (Miranda). I love Marion sooo much. Gary Oldman, my favourite actor, he do okay in this movie.
  • Action element is not that satisfy but tumbler, bat mobile and the Bat, all the vehicles are awesome!
It's a disappointment. I'm not sure Nolan has change his way of directing but this film is very different from all his film. The entire movie is okay. No surprise, no threaten feel by the villain (Always give me goosebumps when it comes to Batman's villain), no touchy (no tears) moment. Can't wait for the next director for Batman.   

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