Jul 4, 2012

Burger Kaw Kaw : No More Kaw Kaw Waiting

There was a mysterious rumor spreading around Malaysia where people waited for 3 hours at a burger stall (Malaysian waited for 3 hours....at burger stall, ridiculous!?). What can it be and how real it is? Until Star newspaper proves to us it is not a rumor, but it's true...people waited for 2 to 3 hours at a burger stall, just for the legendary burger that is worth waiting for 3 hours! I mean can you imagine that!!? 

Yes, months and months passes by, I still don't have the courage to go (COWARD!) and have a try, this Burger Kaw Kaw because rumor has it, you want that burger then wait Kaw Kaw for 3 hours before you get it (Patience is not my strength, 1 hour is all I got, 3 hours...*white flag*). Til' I got the news saying that Burger Kaw Kaw has finally upgraded their cooking utensils and tools, now, YOU ONLY NEED TO WAIT 5-25 MINUTES! Without second thoughts, I grab my parents and head there makan that "3 hours" Burger Kaw Kaw.

There were still many people there waiting, why people, why(9pm and you all still wanna eat!? It's not healthy you know, I'm saying this just for your own good, and for mine..*grin*)!! It's very systematic although it's a burger stall, first you need to order your food, you pay the bill, get your number, get your drinks by yourself, have a seat, wait till they call out your number, WAVES YOUR HANDS, and the burger will walk to you....no I mean the staff will send the burger to you.  

Staffs there are super friendly, hyperactive too!

All in good mood preparing BURGERS! Look at how fast they need to prep the burger *guy on the right*, the way he puts the bread in motion.

Production line of Burger Kaw Kaw by machinery of human !

Filming crews was there filming, coincidently.

Lucky number of the day, it's my burger Kaw kaw number.

Since I'm here for the first time, I just go single patty, one with cheese and cheezy sauce while another one without cheese. Then my mom goes, "This is Burger Kaw Kaw, at least go and try their double patties!" I was like,"You sure you can finish it?" In the end, I need to upgrade it to double patty, according to my mom's instruction. I can't eat beef due to some reason so I don't know how it tastes but I bet it's good as most people go for beef patty. Within 25 minutes, we heard people calling our number. We are actually so excited!! I mean, before 3 hours and now 25 minutes! Yes, worth it (What kind of mindset?)!

Two sets of it, both with double patties of chicken.

Close up! Burger Kaw Kaw with double chicken, cheese slices, cheezy sause and sausages (It's a set meal come with a drinks too.)

I love the drink, orange mojito, refreshing!

Choices of the drinks.

I've gotta say the portion is quite big. It can definitely satisfy your hungerness. The chicken patty is fried chicken drumstick meat without bones (sound really silly describing the chicken patty in this way, but it's true.). My opinion on the chicken patty, maybe they should consider opening a stall called Fried Chicken Kaw Kaw. The fried chicken patty is well marinated. Juicy, just nice. The one without the cheese, just plain fried chicken patty taste really dry, without sauces. So, I will suggest at least take some cheese with you and run!! the burger you order. Orange mojito with the burger is best match as the drink is very refreshing and tangy. But the environment is dark, some light will guide us better in having a bites on Burger Kaw Kaw. I will go back for second time. Staffs are friendly, polite, food is nice, environment...okay! And it's opening from 7pm to 2am.

Address: Jalan 4A/27A, Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju, 53100, KL or Lokas Makana Food Court, Puchong Utama.  

(PS : Burger Kaw Kaw has something new, coming soon! I have a suggestion, why not Burger Kaw Kaw come up with lamb patty as well? Lamb lover like me will appreciate much! )

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