Jul 2, 2012

Colgate SlimSoft Party at Bistro 42

Was invited to the Colgate SlimSoft Party that was held at Bistro 42 few days ago. It's more like a party with friends, chillin', chit chattin' and have high tea together. And Bistro 42 is such a nice place to hang out!

Party entrance, with theme of red and white.

Cute lil girl posing at the Colgate SlimSoft photo booth.

Bistro 42, nice and neat.

Enjoying my tea while reading the instruction on how to brush our teeth in the right way. 
It was a private party, for bloggers. Welcome speech by the host, game, ice breaking session and of course not to miss out refreshment! 

Giant Colgate toothbrush cake.

With this cute little cupcakes. Sweet tooth!

Opening speech.

Ice breaking session.

Just grab and eat.

Among my favorite, smoke salmon.

Awww, macarons.
We were brief with some facts we not know about toothbrush, how to take good care of our teeth, like we were going back to secondary school, only that we are not requested to brush our teeth on the spot! And after the briefing, it's the gaming session where we were ask to answer the facts that is mentioned by the host. Oh god, lad with poor memory like me.....fail in this test (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!). 

We have a winner , so cute!

Last but not least, prizes were given to the winner of Colgate Palmolive Blogger! Cash worth RM 1000! Hooray! Can you imagine how many pieces of smoke salmon can you eat with that amount of money...? (Ehem, things get personal...shhh )

That's it, the party ends and call it a day! Was so exhausted but basically what we do is just sit, relax and eat....what am I made of!? (Taufu maybe.)

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