Jun 20, 2012

New Milo Mixes Variants Launch

Milo, a very popular products for Malaysian and for me myself, it's a beverage I've been drinking since I was a kid and I love it sooo much. I love it so much that I have bought Milo from Australia (so true!!) just to taste the difference (The Australia's Milo taste more milky and less sweet compared to Malaysia's, wonder why?). I was really fortunate, glad, and excited that I was invited to the New Milo Mixes Variants launching that held at Publika. 

At the Square, Publika.

That Milo standboard.
The event is started by a speech given by Don Howat (Executive director of Coffee & Beverages Business Unit, Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad) and continue with the launching and a dance routine. 

Don Howat giving speech.

"Let's make some Milo!!" (I like that Milo mug!)

It's officially launch!!

Milo Hi-Fibre, Milo Cereal and Milo Less Sweet. 

Milo groupie photo!!

Milo Dance~~~

It's an aerobic dance, I think....resembles healthy like Milo, healthy drink.


Press and media.

Q&A session.
There were 3 types of Milo, Hi-Fibre, Cereal and Less Sweet. Milo Hi-Fibre is to help in the digestive system. Meanwhile Milo Cereal will be best served as a drink to satisfy your hunger and kick start your day! Milo Less Sweet, like the name which is less sweet and high in milk and calcium. My favorite of all will be less sweet! 
Milo girl serving us the new Milo Cereal.

Milo sampling~

Guest and media enjoying their Milo time. :)

The official launch of Milo New Mixes Variants and now you can get them at any store near you! Enjoy your Milo drink!

(PS : I wish Milo come out with a EXTRA CONDENSE Milo, I know that they a condense Milo pack and I would love more, like what I do when I was a kid and now once in a while, scooping big spoons of Milo to make my Milo to taste as dense as it could. :D )

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