Jun 18, 2012

Selangorlicious Season 2 Press Launching

Selangorlicious, a blogging competition that bloggers blogging about local foods is coming back with Season 2. A lot of prizes are waiting for you guys to grab home and good news, Season 2 is now opening to blogger and non blogger where you can submit your entries in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin to the Selangorlicious website which is Selangorlicios.com .

Was really glad to be invited to the official launching of Selangorlicious Season 2 that took place at Paradox Art Cafe!  

Paradox Art Cafe is closing for the launching of Selangorlicious Season 2, how sweet!

Nice place not only for dining but for press conference/event as well.

Entry cookies. Munch!
Gotta say Paradox Art Cafe is such a cozy place for dinning. I have heard some good reviews from friends and bloggers but never had a chance to dine in there and was brought here by the launching of Selangorlicious Season 2. Love it, and the hospitality of the event is great! There were some mini games for the guests and prizes to be won at the launching. It turns out to be a really fun and relaxing launching. (*mumbling to myself* To be honest, sometimes I do feel a bit tense when attending a launching event....but not for this one, I'm enjoying myself.) 

Guess how many cookies in this jar, my guessing is way too far from the correct answer, me is not a math-holic, I dislike anything gotta do with figures!!

One of the guest playing "Guess the Flavor" game, this will be easy if you're  true food lover.

Test your memory!!

The difficulty of this game is in advance level, you have to put in as much marshmallow as you can in your mouth and say "Selangorlicious Season 2"!!

My dad can't stop laughing while playing that marshmallow game. (*deep down worrying* Don't get choked by those marshmallow~Phew~) But then he was so enjoying playing each of the game! Haha! 

Prizes to be won playing all those mini games. We won something too!

We have a Winner!!!! 
That game session was really fun and I see all the guests were enjoying themselves. This is kinda cool because this increases the communication between the guests and crews from Tourism Selangor (This statement sounds like from a scientist's view *probably result from all those thesis writing, duh!*). Double thumbs up for the Tourism Selangor crews and the organizer!

Press waiting for the launching.

Fazly Razally (Marketing and event manager of Tourism Selangor) giving a speech.

YB Elizabeth Wong.

Groupie photo.

Q & A session.

Cozy environment.

The place we seated, *spotted* that's my jacket!

Plenty of environment to be choose.
We were served some refreshment. And all the foods are great. I love that roasted lamb sooo much and the bread chicken nuggets. The pavlova cake is something I never try before, it's slightly sweeter but the crunchy bites of it brings a refreshing feeling, for me regarding on the old fashion cake which is spongy all the time.Definitely looking forward to have a dine in again at Paradox Art Cafe!! Wait for me!


The pavlova cake.


This is what we won at the mini games, a set of knives. *Hey-ya!!*
Night view at Paradox Art Cafe.

The launching is now official, Selangorlicious Season 2! The competition will be start from 15th June to 15th July 2012. So, all the foodie and food lover, go for it! It's your chance now to show off your writing skills and great sense in searching for nice foods.

(PS : Btw I won a Jamie Oliver cookbook, now searching for those "rare" ingredient to be found in Malaysia! Chef Urbanae cooking in progress. And ya, I found out people can't pronounce my twitter handle name, it's Urban-Nay >>> Urbanae! Yes, practise it so that you can yell out my name next time....without any purpose, you're allow to do so. : o )

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