Jun 9, 2012

It's official EURO 2012 : Poland vs Greece

It's the opening match, Poland vs Greece for EURO 2012. And it ends with a draw, 1-1. Such a controversy match, both team with one men sent off, Sokratis for Greece and goalkeeper Szczesny for Poland, penalty for Greece but they missed it.

Lewandowski score!

Poland plays hard for the game, the co host probably get motivated from the enthusiasm and support from the crowd. Till Lewandowski score and the match was remain 1-0 till second half. 

Begging for mercy? It's not working at all.

Before that, Sokratis was booked twice and sent off. Greece with 10 men appear to be weaken by the sent off and continue the game without formation and waste any chance they have to attack. Back to the game after half time, the cheering start to slows down for Poland and here we are, having Salpingidis levelled the game with a goal. 

Foul from Szczesny, miss Emirates ald?

Soon, Poland's goalkeeper make a foul in the box and giving away a free penalty for Greece but they missed it with Karagounis delivering a weak penalty and saved by substitute Tyton. The match ends with a draw. While Russia now leading in Group A with 3 points crashing Czech Republic with 4-1.

Coming up will be Group B Holland vs Denmark and Germany vs Portugal. Faith with Holland and Germany. Meanwhile, all I wish is The Red Fury will send The Azzurri home as soon as possible (not a fan of Italy). All the best to Les Bleus against England, although the squad is much (too much) different from the original team I supported back at 98' and the jersey is kind of weird (must be a rugby designer for that) but I'm still with them.

(PS : Hola, need to catch up with all the matches, well maybe only some....You know that Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc, I think he's from Poland, the name. After all these years.)

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