Jun 5, 2012

KFC SNAX launching and KFC SNAX fest

Out of action for months and months. Finally, I'm back from the hibernation and glad to be invited by Nuffnang G Plus to the KFC SNAX launching that is held at Dataran PJ. 


Reception booth.

Clowns entertaining at the entrance.
The KFC SNAX Festival is exclusively  for SNAX card holder aka SNAXSTER!! SNAX card allows you to collect SNAX points for free meals or other perks. We have Tuan Sheik Sharuffudin to brief for the launching of KFC SNAX and the official opening ceremony of the KFC Snax Fest! *applause*
Briefing us, KFC Snax revamp.

Tuan Sheik Sharufuddin signing the huge KFC stand board.

Groupie photo! Say sooo goooood!
Regarding the KFC SNAX Fest, there were many booths, gaming, tee shirt selling, flowers....plants??? art booth and etc. The price is okay for me and I bought a RM 3 eyeliner!!!! Can you believe that? The quality is okay. Hmm, start to behaving like an auntie at wet market. Two things that would make the event to be perfect, one is lack of dustbin at the festival, I was expecting they will provide more dustbin as at a festival like this, many rubbish will be produced and it will be best to have dustbin around for the people. Secondly, the weather is wayyyy tooo HOT!!! Some tent for people to rest in would be nice. But the venue is really nice. A big field for a festival!  
KFC Snax Fest booths.

Giant screen balloon.

Get on the bull and ride it!!

Oh bullseye!!

Art store at the fest.

Flower store, colorful.

Aye, black metal!!!! No, just metal rock alike tee store.

Get your Snax tee!!!

Crowd wandering around the fest.

We love balloon~~~

The Stage!

KFC food selling small tent.

KFC wheel car, get those chickens!!
They have a little concert as well featuring Mizz Nina, Joe Flizzow, James Baum, Reza Salleh and more. That's it. They call it a day. Fun activities with prizes to be won, concert and some chicky as the food sources and MUSIC!!

(PS : I love cheesy wedges....!! I hope KFC come up with something like Cheesy Chicken. I love the cheesy sauce so much and I think it go well with chicken. Think about it, colonel!!)

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