Jun 4, 2012

Sony Pictures TV night and meeting Cyril Takayama in person

Was invited to Sony Pictures TV night/event few days ago. Gotta say that I LOVE it sooo much. First of all, I'm a big fans of AXN and ANIMAX channel, the event is pretty awesome and the coolest part is I gotta meet my favourite magician that was in town lately, causing some "chaos" at Pavillion KL, yes it's Grandma Magi aka Cyril Takayama.

Leading our way to the ballroom.

Guests chillin and boozing around before the dinner show.

Have some beers please!

Guests were well served at the pre-dinner chillin session. Cosplayers were really friendly and they approaching you and willing to pose for you during the photo taking session. I know all cosplayers does this but they are really friendly and polite. Everything is great from food and drink to bartenders and waiters that loves to assist the guest. I'm enjoying every moment and probably the best event I ever attend, this is so controversy as my last post, the Sony PS VITA launching is one of the, maybe the worst event I ever attend and both events were by SONY!

Thank you so much for the posing!

Love this photo sooo much!

Me with the, monsta. Do you realize the lady (cosplayer) behind is posing as well. Pro level. 

Cyril surf board. How  I wish I can carry one home!

The dinner start soon, it's more like a dinner night with some entertainments having boys dancing the Big Bang's song, Sea A performing songs, comedian talk show (It's really hilarious!! I feel so sorry that I forgot the comedian's name, millions sorry but he gave a really nice talk show!), CYRIL performing little magic for us (oh that magical moment), and Mr Jack Lim introducing some new tv program on AXN and ANIMAX!

Yay, that's our dinner table!

Dancers dancing to that boom shakalala song, sorry not a big fans of K-pop.

Mr Jack Lim on the stage giving speech.

Mr Jack Lim with his comrades of cosplayers taking over the stage!!!
Were really well entertained, we have served with lots of drink and food as well. *Burp* One big deal of the night, it's the promo of Cyril's family vacation : Hawaii edition, a 6 part series TV show on AXN Asia, every Thursday, 9pm, premiere airing on 7th of June 2012!! So, do tune on AXN and catch the glimpse of magic by Cyril. And here's our dinner for the night!

Variety of breads to choose from.

Mackerel with cumin and peas.

Honey roasted chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and leek.

Dark chocolate mousse.

Tower of chocolate.

I pick this chocolate because it looks much alike to, a mahjong piece. Hahaha! 

And in the end of the night, while I'm still enjoying my piece of dark chocolate mousse, I love dark chocolate so much!!! A man rush towards our table and asking us to go out for the meet and greet session with Cyril~! I was in shock mode and rush out and.....finally I saw Cyril in person, the real thing in front of me, O-M-G!

Cyril is super nice and friendly!

He sign for us as well!!
Cyril was really nice, and this awestruck thingy is going on in my nerves. He looks different from the last time he came to KL, he don't have the goatee any more. Clean shave but he do look a bit tired, maybe he's been rushing too much for his new TV shows promos. It's really nice that I took a picture with him and I was a bit, yes just a bit nervous (a tad bit) that I didn't say anything to him and only whisper (lack of confidence), "Thank you..." to him (Wonder if he heard that??). I was sooo regret!! ARGHHHH!!! And here's the photo I took with him.

Yes, it's a very touchy moment for me.
Don't ask me why. *sobbing* I was in this so stoned face when I took the picture.....urgh!!! But thanks AXN for giving me the opportunity to met with Cyril. A really unforgettable experience I had. :)

(PS : Next time, till next time when Cyril come back to KL for the third time, I must speak more than  than you and no longer showing that stoned face again!!) 

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