Jun 2, 2012

SONY PS VITA Malaysia Official launching FAIL!?

Looking at the title you might think I'm a SONY PlayStation hater or maybe a Nintendo supporter? Nay to either one, instead I'm a big-big-HUGE-GINORMOUS (Physically I'm tiny....) fans of PlayStation since I'm like....the first time I own a PlayStation, then PlayStation 2 and PSP GO and I was sooo craving for PS Vita when it first announced about the project and launching. I was so hype, you know with the dual analogs, back and front touch screen and so much more. I'm thinking of getting PS Vita piano white around June close to July.

But then rewinding all the way back to the launching day In Malaysia, Pavillion KL. Again, I was glad that I'm invited because I'm a PSN member and this event is only for PSN member and media which is kind of cool because it's a privilege for PlayStation gaming user to get on with the new gadget but in the other way, people who didn't own a PSN account and still a gamer of other platform unable to try and play with the new gadget in town (Seriously, I understand how a gamer's feeling on this!!). And oh yeah, here we go....back to the day of the launching of PS VITA in Malaysia!!!

The counter of PlayStation.

Way we walk down the aisle?? To meet our love one, GAHHHH PS VITA!!!

Yes, the stage was okay and there aren't much SONY PS "Angel" to guide and brief for us (You know I expect an event like this although I know pretty much like everything about the gadget ald but.....at least someone come over and just promote a bit on your gadget! Hello, it's SONY PS VITA, if not mistaken, I think Sony PlayStation director said something like PS VITA is a new generation of technology during the launching or something like that! ) As for the event, the launching is not really on time, it's okay but guess what, the host and crews were actually rehearsing on the stage on the launching day after media and PSN members were ald there at the event!! Aren't you suppose to do and prepare all this before the event? Once it reach the day of the launching event, it is offficially an EVENT and you do a dry run on that and the host goes like,"Okay, we going to invite this and bla bla bla...." on the stage! I can't believe in what I "witness"!!

Stage was ready but definitely not the crews!

Media and members were there listening the host and crews REHEARSING! Can you believe that?

Cool things, there were gaming consoles not only PS Vita but PS Move as well!

Street Fighting!!!

Peoples were trying on the new PS VITA!
10 sets of it!

The launching with SONY PS girls posing.

The overview of the event.
The event was bored, unlively and I believe some of the media have the same thought too. Just sitting there and probably the most fun part is trying on the PS Vita and Move ALL BY OURSELVES! Yeah! Here's some photos of the REHEARSAL ON THE OFFICIAL LAUNCHING OF SONY PS VITA IN MALAYSIA!

It's actually the official launching day and to be specific it's the launching time as well and crews still discussing and rehearsing. 

Host rehearse.

Lucky draw rehearsal!

This is really doubting me, so is Shiseido and SONY from the same company or how? Please! Oh please! At a SONY event and spotted with Shiseido stand. Explain?

I'm not so sure about how others thought about this but to me, the launching of PS VITA in Malaysia is a big failure! I don't know whether is it the organizer's problem or the event planner's. Maybe I'm over judging because I'm a big fans of  Sony. They said the more you expect, the more disappointment you will get. So, judge by yourself! And Sony, please do take note and improvise on any other launching event in the future. Fans do care about all this things!!!

And back to the PS Vita, it is slightly larger and bulkier than I thought, still thinking about to get one with 3G, Piano White. And I really hope they will get more games for PS VITA. Gamers want GAMES! You invent a high tech gaming gadget with not much game choices available, I don't think this will works for the gamers.

(PS : To be honest, I'm not that happy even though I'm a fans.)

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