Oct 13, 2009

Sexiest man alive 2009 of RIH!!!

Yes, don't get panic. It's RIH!!! (this blog name in short form) sexiest man alive voting period.

The nomination list is released and now you can vote.

Actually i'm thinking of writing the review on each nomination candidates but it will takes a long times plus i think they are really well known in hollywood.

So far there are only one vote which is going for Robert Downey jr....so will he be the sexiest man alive by wining all the others with 1 votes? Lets see...

Oh ya, by the way, the nomination are brad pitt, matt damon, george clooney, tom cruise (kinda surprise!), Robert Downey jr ( leading on the sexiest man alive poll right now (the poll is on the right hand side) ). Hugh jackman, patrick dempsey, jude law, chase crawford, matthew mcconoughey, ewan mcgregor, johnny depp, denzel washington, daniel craig, channing tatum, and jon hamm.

Having this voting is due to the prove of my fairness not simply name sexiest man alive by myself but open to the public to vote....Haha but i think no matter how Robert Downey jr will still be the sexiest man alive if the voting didn't change...hehe.

So let's vote!!!

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