Oct 14, 2009

Iron man 2 little updates

Okay this time no images....I think director Jon Favreau give us enough images from iron man 2.

Now only waiting for the screening days which is in malaysia is on 30th of april 2010. Can't wait for that. So during an iron man 2 set visit, we can saw that Tony stark himself having a new invention, some sort like accelerator....( personally i don't know what the hell is that...because it's like a whole pump thing which is really long ).

Jon favreau said that it is easier for filming iron man 2 than the first one so we can expect something great from what he told. And the new Tony Stark invention base is much more high tech that the first one. Actually i think the first one is ald high tech enough, so the new one is much more better. Tony stark has a new armor place to put all his iron man suit from the old to the latest one.....That is really COOL!!!

It's really funny that when Jon favreau introducing the hall of armor and there is one of the garbage can in one of the armor displaying cabinet, he keep explaining that is not one of the armor...

Whiplash is one of the character that attracted attention of audience other than Iron man himself. Interviewing Robert Downey jr...he didn't set his hair so it looks...em a little messy but he still look good. In one part, showing that Tony Stark is racing in F1 circuit....WOW!!! So charming!!! Haha...but actually like from beginning i said that i think Robert a.k.a Tony Stark hair is slightly different from iron man 1....

ARHH!!! I'm getting so exciting....and i can guarantee that it MUST BE way better than the first one...gotta mention that i'm not the director of iron man since i'm saying this with this confident haha.

And Scarlett Johansson looks so hot in Iron man 2. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a man, but i'm not a lesbian....Pepper potts is in trouble. That's why RDJ say that he enjoying both Gwyneth and Scarlett is fighting over him in the movie because he'll never get it in the reality, haha. But with his wife (who is a director herself, orphan is one of her movie) on the iron man set...

So...let's wait for the next summer when Iron Man hits cinema AGAIN!!! With more character and greater impact for all the audience!!!

(PS: There are rumors on the internet said that Jon Favreau ain't the director for Avengers....It will be so disappointing...i hope Jon can be the director so much!!!)

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