Oct 15, 2009

Pandorum review!!! Nice!!

Today i went and watch Pandorum.....which is the premier day in Malaysia.

Haha at first i thought to ask my friend along to watch but i just couldn't wait and straight away go to watch.

I think this movie is awesome. This is a second movie of Dennis Squad i watch. This movie is different from other movie because the story is start from the beginning. Why'm i saying like this? For me, to horror thriller movie, they will only start their interesting part only at after the half of the movie talking nonsense. But not for pandorum....

At first i will de fine pandorum....it means after a long sleep or ''hibernate'' for a human, you'll have temporary lost of memory...i mean on that spaceship. So at last when you found out a truth that you couldn't accept, you''ll start to have halucination, hand shaking and shivery....start to afraid and broke down. Or another great example is i'll have pandorum each time i have exam...haha.

So it talks about a groups of crews....large group. Knowing that earth is ruined soon so they have to search for new planet. The government send this crew tocheck on any new planet...i think is like lab testing new mice for that crews....To a planet call Tanis.

The movie start when a crew woke up and don't know what had happened. The rest of the gone, only left with Lft.Payton. The crew's name is Bower. So he went out and find out what happen then get lost and lost contact with Payton.

He soon find out the spaceship is not only two of them but another creature surviving....lots of them. I think the creature is very disgusting...like it....because at first i scare that it is not scary enough. The creature eat the peoples. Bower getting confuse....soon, he met with two other human, one is agriculture then another is ecologist which at last group together to fight the creature.

The creature is actually formed because they ald adapted to the new environment on spaceship and genetic mutated so somehow i think that they are first was a human too. So while escaping they get to a room and met a guy. The guy is a bad guy because he ate human to stay alive. Another story there, figure it out.

Oh ya forgot to say that Bower go out to search for reactor to regenerate the power of the spaceship.....The more Bower move forward to search for the reactor, the more Bower know what's going on. The scene at the reactor room is so dangerous, i'm like so nervous at that part because too many creature there....

Once they finish it and get back to the Lt.Payton room, they found out the truth...The earth is gone and they ald at Tanis and Lt.Payton? Watch it yourself....I don't want to reveal too much.

So my conclusion is this movie is great...I think it will be one of the movie really can take over the Aliens series place....I hope there will be another series of pandorum. And they got a new storyline that none of the horror movie nowadays had. Great job!!! I don't think i can survive under a situation like this, i think i will definately be that one that got pandorum...haha. Ya all the people on earth died because the earth is gone....

Another thing is where i get back home and first i told my mum,'' I think i chose the wrong subject to study..." Because only genetic, ecologist, agrculturer, engineer can get on the spaceship....Oh my goodness....haha then i couldn't bring my family along to the spaceship since what i'm studying is only biochemistry.....Another thing is for sure i will not change to monster like in pandorum because i can't even adapt where i'm only at another state of my country haha. So my genetic will not mutated....
Go and watch this movie Pandorum...see that ''Are you FEAR to find out that truth?''

(PS: Saw the trailer of Phobia 2, a thailand movie, i think people who like really horrify movie can go and watch, but for me i won't...)

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