Oct 3, 2009

Mooncake festival

Yea, it's mooncake festival, i mean just past mooncake festival since it's ald 12 in the midnight. Mooncake festival is another festival like chinese new year where family gather and eat together, playing lantern, ''gossip'' together, eating mooncake, kua ci and plus plus.

Just coming back from my grandma house. Gather with my relatives at my grandma house like every year did. Except for last year because my dad broke his leg...so we get to go back to gather. But we can see that there are less people going back years by years....the young ones. All going out with friends rather to gather with family, this is sad. That's why my mom always want me to accompany them during big festive....my mom always say ''senpai'' always want all relatives to gather during festives and to be lively than usual day.

When we dining, my grandma says that she's scared she ll be alone again this year, because last year incident so we didn't gather with her. Ah, can see that how aged peoples want someone to accompany them especially during such big festives.

After that, all is back. Even my little niece. She know how to walk right now and mumbling some words to us. Haha. She very afraid at first but when she get close.....whoa she likes to play. I like her when she smile, so cute. Whenever she wanna fix sth or don't know how to eat some food like the ling jiao and chestnut, she'll come to me (I've become all my little cousin and niece fixing machine...like my little cousin say: yaya, because you're very good in playing games especially those boy's stuff...=='' eh???).

After that we ''play'' lantern...i mean not us...because all grown up. My uncle light up the lantern which we say that he ''play'' lantern....haha. All gather and eat snacks together. Well, of course who's the one felt happiest??? My grandma for sure.....

So here's my ''modify'' lantern....(bought by my dad, as a gift for me...of course first without the wings n eyes...)

Very tired....reach home at 12am....wooo gotta go sleep now. I enjoy the gathering so much...

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