Oct 5, 2009

The prestige review

Are you watching closely?

I want to watch this movie for some times but just didn't got the chance. I think this is a very interesting movie. Because it involves magic....plus the storyline is interesting too. So it is a interesting plus plus movie haha.

Starring hugh jackman as robert angier...fainted (HOT!!!), christian bale as alfred borden (that's why i'm not really wanna watch the movie, don't like his personalities, in real life), Scarlett johansson as Olivia...and david bowie...kinda surprise as Tesla the scientist.

Both hugh jackman and christian bale are magician with different personalities. Christian bale is a natural born magician, but not a good performer. Hugh jackman is a magician as well but trying not to hurt or sacrifice anything (you'll know what i'm talking when you watch this), he's not as good as christian but he know how to bring the show to the audience.

So Angier (hugh jackman) wife is one of the performer too and during one of her performance, she drown to death due to the wrong knot tied by Borden (Bale). So Angier is so angry and want to revenge since they've been told to tie the knot that they have to but Borden didn't follow.

So in this movie...the main magic tricks are making the dove disappear, escape from water tank, catch bullet (haha lame one....) and the TRANSPORTER MAN (here's the main tricks...)

So Angier turns into limp which caused by Borden and Borden lost his finger due to Angier....all because of magic. But i never saw such a hot and sexy limp like Jackman did...Woo~~~

After that, Borden comes up with the transporter man tricks which really stunned Angier. But Mr.Cutter (kinda like Angier's sifu) knows how he do it and tell Angier but Angier never believe it. Actually i don't think i wanna reveal too much because it will be cool if you watch it yourself.

Angier go and find scientist to make a machine for him to do that magic trick since he thought that Borden is using the same as he threaten Borden's sifu by some sort like kidnapping him. Angier is too obsessed with magic to find it out.

He's really got the magic trick done by having a machine which will duplicate human. So, Angier back with this trick and become famous. One night, Borden went to check out the backstage and Angier ''accidently'' drop into the water tank....and died. Everyone thought that Borden murder him....here's the interesting part start. Watch it yourself.

So as the truth reveal, i just wonder so the Lord Caldlow is the real him or just one of the ...errr. You know what i mean because he say he never know he's the one in that box and on the stage right???

For conclusion, a good magic tricks need sacrifice (like what Borden and Angier did). I think Angier change a lot from the beginning to the end, remember, obsession is a young man games....something like that. I think this movie is very interesting, you'll like wanna figure it out what happen next, cool!

Go and check out this movie, worth to watch and remember the three steps....

The pledge, the turn and the last one The Prestige....

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