Oct 7, 2009


So, me and two of my friends went and try shogun at one utama shopping mall. Actually i've try once before but it's an old story. And as well as the two fellows.

After i make the booking. I go on and check for the details for shogun and there are like tons of bad review on them. I'm so damn worry as well as my friends did. We even straight away go and check for another jap buffet available but we decide to try it out.

Before that i've try jogoya before....but i think it is costly and actually with the price of per pax in jogoya, why not i add on some money to eat at bubba gump or victoria station or whatever. I mean if you insist to eat jap cuisine then it's another story.

So we first get in, everything is okay.....haha, we like investigating....

So first of course sashimi and sushi.....

Of course pls don't compare jogoya with shogun because if you want please compare the price to, what you give is what you get. The sashimi is less than in jogoya, and it's taste good. BUT!!! For that abalone sashimi....it's nightmare~~~

Ya, you're right, the white in color slice....i try on one piece, the next minutes is i gulp down a cup of green tea and ice lemon tea. Then i ask my friend to try one pieces. He try....and another friend is asking how it taste like.....He says:'' This abalone sahimi is so damn good!!! Whao, it's chewy and fresh, c'mon try one piece'' So, the another friend try on, the moment she finish it. We laugh out loud....haha got ya'....The abalone sashimi is so DAMN BITTER, i don't know why would it taste like this ????

Another one is the cavier egg roll.....it taste sour...of course i didn't finish it. Again, we temptated it to another friends but this time she is alert and didn't try. But the rest is nice....I like the salmon sashimi a lots. The giant squid slice is great too. I try my very first slice on the encourage of both of them. Haha....

Actually my first ''hunt'' is the lamb shank....The food below with the lamb shank is my first ''hunting'' rewards....

I'm freakin in love with lamb...i think secret recipe and Amuleto lamb shanks is quite good. I finish the whole lamb shanks by myself...haha not that i didn't ask them to eat but they are more interested with the sushi. But i got a little pissed off when i found out that my plate is clean up by the waiter because i haven't finish the bone marrow of the lamb shanks.

The first time, i dine in in shogun, i'm impress with the cheese baked escargot....but not this time. The cheese is not fully baked and it's not that tasty.

But i like the cheese baked vege a lots...lots of CHEESE!!!

I LOVE YOU lamb shanks...
The next one is oyster...of course again, it is smaller than those in jogoya, pls remember the price differences....
But i didnt eat much this time, because i got diarhoea last night. So i think i eat about one to two pieces.

But again, the guy eat....i dont know how many but tons of oyster...I don't get it.

I like oyster with lots of lemon....refreshing. Haha...

The lamb shanks didn't satisfy me. So we went out and go for the free style tepanyaki mix and match.

Haha i think the name is kinda cool, okay it's not the origin name, i'm the one who name it. It's like pick any raw food you like and the chef will cook for you. I pick two slice of lamb(meh~~i love lamb), asparagus, red peppers, mushroom and spring onion. Come out something like this.

So my friend pick beef, salmon, cod fish and mushroom....so weird...lots of meat. But he says nice.

So they continue eating sashimi AGAIN....i went for desert, haha i remember first time i went for jogoya, the first thing i ate is desert too. The hand role is actually contains with peking ducks....and cucumber. Quite nice. Mochi and pudding is my desert. That hand roll is not a desert.

After desert, i eat teriyaki fish....Many fish bones. They eat soba and ice cream. Our eating schedule is different ald.

The teriyaki sauce is very nice. Then i went out for chawanmushi and they have sky juice ald. Then again together we eat sashimi. Haha. But i think when we went jogoya that time is worst still. Eat more than this time.

Actually there're some dim sum too, but i didnt try. At last, i go and have a sea horse soup....very nice. There're ox-tails, tom yam, kan lang, and eel soup which are the new menu. The ordinary one like mushroom soup, shark-fin soup is all available.

This time, i didn't eat tempura...ya just figure out. And there are many chinese cuisine too. There are one with seafood with chinese wine is really nice. The prawn is fresh.

I think except for the cavier egg roll and abalone sashimi, all is okay...but a buffet shouldn't have food that smell awkward. Hope that they can improve it.

3 of us only cost about per pax in jogoya. Rm33 per pax but with discount.

Original price lunch is rm43, dinner is rm50 sth. Next time maybe we should try on saisaki, from the same boss of shogun, then yaki yaki, then zipangu then kampachi....okay i should stop dreaming.

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