Oct 23, 2009

Bon Jovi The Circle

Bon Jovi New album-walking in the tunnel (just kidding...)...is The Circle.

Finally the date is officially announced. What date? The date of the album, of the greatest band ever on earth Bon Jovi, album the Circle is going to released worldwide on 10th of november........(it say worldwide but i'm just wondering will Malaysia be another ''special'' case and don't know how many weeks or months later then i just can get it)

Bon Jovi with shades....COOL!!! Richie is getting better and better....

Another thing is The circle world tour list is annouced too. Bon Jovi gonna make it really huge this time. Opening in two greatest stadium New Meadowlands Stadium and london O2 stadium (not shah alam or bukit jalil stadium...T_T...)...They going to perform the opening of New Meadowlands stadium. Cool!!! But the asia tour list haven't be revealed yet.....PLS come to Malaysia!!!!

Never saw this picture before...they all looks great.

But even that they really come to Malaysia...i don't think i can afford to buy their concert ticket, so don't come....sigh either they come or didn't come will make me fainted too.....I think if i really get chance to their concert maybe that i'll broke down before i get to the concert, haha....too excited. But for sure i'll skip anything or class to attend their concert....it will be better if keith urban is the opening act haha. Then i'll straight went to ''heaven'' after the concert.

And!!! Besides catching up with Downey movie...i never know that bon jovi make a movie too....actually it is a Documentary!!! I wanna watch...at cinema on 24th of October. I'll guess AGAIN it is not showing in Malaysia. At least give me the poster is enough.

I'm having a lot of things to spend my money on right now....It's a big problem.


Gallivanter said...

Bon Jovi has mentioned Singapore in their 2011 calendar. :-)

P/S: When they first rocked Malaysia in 1995, tickets were RM50 max. ;-) Though I think this time it'll be different.

I can hardly wait to see my favorite band!


Anonymous said...

do you know exactly when?

Urbanae said...

Sheeeryl: U mean the concert in singapore or malaysia? Probably next year I guess. But they say considering Malaysia, not very sure they will make it though. Singapore should be next year for sure! :)