Jul 3, 2010

New spidey!!!

The new spidey is finally chosen!!!

So....it's Garfield to play Spiderman in Spideman 4!!
What!? Garfield play spiderman!?

"I'll be looking good in the spidey outfit!" Garfield.

By the way, Garfield can "claw" on the wall too!!

Of course not the Garfield that meow!
It's Andrew Garfield!!! Yes, many people might dont know this guy but I notice him quite a long time ago...hehe. He's kinda good in acting. The imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Boy A are some of the movies that Andrew Garfield starred in and he won the BAFTA award before for his role in Boy A.

Another hot hunk in the superhero club house!!! (I saw AUDI in the background there! O_o)

I was thinking Jake.G ( the Prince Dastan from Persia~) to take the Peter Parker's role because Peter Parker is like kinda soft and weak in normal life but is really cool when he is in the spidey suit. However, the choice of the director for the Peter Parker's role is kinda suprising!!

Slightly shorter hair, a pair of glasses...it's Peter Parker!!
One thing for sure is Andrew Garfield is good in acting. After watching Tobey Maguire for 3 series of the Spiderman movie, now it's time for us to have somebody new!! It's Tobey himself to quits the spidey's role....wonder why?

"(Sob sob) Gonna miss this spidey suits!!"Tobey Maguire
Spiderman 4 will be hitting the cinema in 2012!!! Wow, can't wait for that...Let's see how good Andrew will be for the new spiderman!!

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