Jul 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July to the people on the another side of the world!!!

It's independence day for people in US!! Yea, fireworks and celebration's everywhere!!

However, when mentioning about 4th of July, I'll think of Keith Urban's Till summer comes around!

" What it's gotta do with me??"

Because 4th of July is mentioned in the lyrics and it goes like this :

And then I close my eyes and one more time,
We're spinning around and you holding on tighly,
The words came out, I kissed your mouth,
No Fourth of July has ever burned so brightly.

However, it's a really sad song about longing and just wanna dedicated this song to you guys! (I know it's weird to dedicate sad song during fourth of July....)

By the way, congrats on Keith Urban for winning best male video award for Til Summer Comes Around at CMT music awards.

Oooh, Keith looks so happy!

And Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there!!!!

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