Jul 5, 2010

Keroro Gunsou's lesson: Fight for your tomorrow

Yes, I've been saying Keroro Gunsou is a very educated animation. I think in the beginning, you might feel it's only an animation about a group of alien and their invasion and life on the earth. But I can tell you it's really wrong for you to think that!! When you continue watching it, you found that you can learn a lot from this animation and it is very inspiring.

Today I watch keroro gunsou episode 213 (go and watch!!). It's about a same day is repeating and when you're wake up the next morning, the thing you're going through is exactly the same again.

I think this episode really inspired me. Some people is like wishing for tomorrow comes, thinking that tomorrow always better. But how if, tomorrow will never as good as you thought...maybe sometimes it will be better for us to appreciate what we have today, enjoy today instead of always hoping tomorrow coming, wishing the best of tomorrow. In this episode, Momoka ask Fuyuki, How if tomorrow never come? I think Fuyuki's answer is kinda cool!

He say, it's impossible to say tomorrow will never come, because when we reach tomorrow, that will be our today and there will be another tomorrow for us which is impossible for today's us to be in tomorrow. In another words, we will never got the chance to be in tomorrow.

It's trying to say that, sometimes instead of wishing that tomorrow come, we will be worryingfor tomorrow too (exactly what happening to Momoka...). But, why not do our best for today? If you always worrying for tomorrow and do nothing, then another tomorrow will come to you and you got another tomorrow to worry again!!! This is why you will be going through a exactly same old day with the same routine for everyday!

Therefore, this episode teaching us to,

Try to do our best for today, no matter how hard or how many times we need to try, so that we will not be going through today again in tomorrow.

Got it?

(PS : Never ever leave your homework, working stuff or things you need to do for tomorrow....try to do within today! De Aritmasu!!!)

Special dedication from Urbanae to the readers and Keroro Gunsou's crew !!
Domo Arigatou for creating such meaningful and funny animation!!

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