Jun 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Africa!!!

After 4 years waiting for this biggest event for all the football fans, it's officially kick off yesterday!!

This year world cup is very different from the past. First of all, it is held in Africa, which is a challenge to every football player since the condition there is much different compare to the europe country. Secondly, many player has retired, injured, which lead to a very brand new line up of the national team.....(Fresh and young!!! which is a problem for me since I've been "abandone" watching football for more than one year.)

The mascot for this year world cup is Kazumi!!! Kinda cool loooking mascot huh!!

Looking good!!!

However, the ball that used for world cup 2010 is one of the most controversy issue because it is the roundest and lightest ball ever used. And most of the football player is not happy with it, some of them even say the designer never play football before. here it is, the Jabulani!!!

Some of them say Jabulani is a beachball!?

The first match is host South Africa vs Mexico. I think it's a great play by Mexico and sorry to say that South Africa play with no formation at all. However, it's draw anyway! And the first "goal" by mexico where it is judged as a offside really makes me realize that how long I didn't watch football and I didnt even know there's new rule on the field. For extra, our very own Malaysia referee was seen at the first match. Another draw from Uruguay vs France which France kinda disappointing me since France has been my favourite team back to the 98 where Barthez as the goalie, Lizarazu, Pires, Desailly and Zidane (My favourite football player, his footwork is so good that he's like a magician on the field)!!!!!

As usual, Brazil is everyone expecting champion for this year world cup but you'll never know what can happen on the field!!! There's always a dark horse.....let's see who will win the cup for 2010 World Cup!!!

(PS : Definately not Italy pls......just some POV!!! 98 world cup is the most memorable world cup for me. How about yours? )

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