Jun 4, 2010

iPhone 3Gs or LG GD 510

I admit that I'm not a phone expert....but so far this will be the two phone I'll wish to have in this moment.

You might wondering why I'm not choosing between iPhone and Blackberry....(Blackberry and iPhone is like Alien vs Predator now in the market, but blackberry looks a little complicated for me...I don't know, but it just looks complicated to me.)

Do you see Alien vs Predator in them? Maybe they should consider offering their phone for alien and predator respectively...It would be interesting to see alien or predator using iPhone or
Blackberry, haha!

Let's take a look on this two phone, iPhone and LG GD510...

First I LOVE Apple (orange, banana, mango, strawberry and durian as well......just kidding.) I mean I love Mac stuff. The advantages of iPhone that outshines the others smartphones from my point of view is they have TONS of application!!! And the application is very useful~~~(there are many free application as well, for the US iTunes Store....but I don't think it is available in Malaysia iTunes store?) I own an iPod and for a music freaks like me, iPod is just made for me!!! (The only thing I'm not satisfy is......they didn't sell any older generation iPod's cover.....T_T) How about mine!!! We want Cover!! We want Cover!! Just remember that I havent bring my iPod to Dr.Mac yet, there's a crack or sth on it's screen, hang on there!!! (Oops, out of topic...)

They look so attractive...sexiest smartphone alive???

iPhone 3Gs is faster than those previous one, and it has this voice control thingy that you can ASK your iPhone to play the song or make a call (Ain't that real COOL!!!) Well, there are so many features in iPhone that I think iPhone 3Gs should be named as Tiny Portable Desktop!! It's like you're having a REALLY TINY LAPPY wherever you go.....it will be so convenient for me!! The only thing is the reason I love Apple stuff because they are slim enough, I have a very small palm, okay it sound stupid but when I holding the iPhone, it's like a lil' dangerous for me, I mean for the iPhone....like it's going to drop on the floor anytime. Hope they will make it slimmer~~~(It's time for iPhone to have some workout!!! Lose some weight!!!) But seriously, I really wish to have an iPhone....(I would like to have a White color iPhone 3Gs.....DREAMING~~)

The white one is killin' me!!!

Let's move on to LG GD510.....because Iron Man is using it in the movie, I mean different model. (=_='' Okay, I'm a big Iron Man fans but that's not the reason I wanna have one....okay I admit it is ONE of the reason....Ish, I'm a GEEK!!!) It is so SLIM!!! It's only weight about 87 grams.....!! OMG, falling in love with the weight, and of course it looks very classy too.

GD 510 in silver is soooo HOT!!! (Hmm, wrong description!? I don't think so....)

And it has many features in it as well, only that GD510 don't have the application like iPhone 3Gs...hmm. But it got good review from the users...and it goes GREEN (No, not the Hulk but it has a solar panel battery cover...) It looks it will be much simple to use compare to iPhone since it has less function. There are always pros and cons in each phone.

I'm dying to have LG GD510 or iPhone 3 Gs.....but so far, hmmm....can't afford any of them!! Ahh, maybe this is one of the advantage so that i don't have to make a decision yet. Both are my first choice for now~~~

Hmm, saw this video on the internet on iPad. Ths men is so creative and know how to makes it a hot topic while iPad is the new trend!!

(PS : I saw many of the people now who owns a iPhone will have a Blackberry as well....is that a trends or package??? Maybe they should consider to collaborate on that. Or maybe I should have both iPhone 3Gs and LG GD 510...haha. Android apps is getting good review on the market...!!! Hmm, people is getting better in inventing....)

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Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

when you talk about iPhone and Blackberry, you should know how exactly you gonna use that device.

These day, people just buying a phone because of trend not their function and usability. Then when their buying it, most of the facilities on that phone just being abandoned till it death.

Blackberry mean for people using email and business a lot. less multimedia and fun apps in it. For emailing, you need to pay more extra fee just to connect your device to Blackberry Enterprise Server in order for your device to have PUSH email function.

iPhone mean for people casual and entertainment that why it have the full multimedia capability to support in the device. Fun to use and expensive to maintain (i mean for the accessories because its Apple and most of apps is paid unless you Jailbreak the iPHone OS)

For LG i'm not sure either its using Android (Google OS) as Platform or standard JAVA. because never make a review on it.