Jun 4, 2010

The Taking of Pelham 123.....Subway can be interesting too!!

Is it just a coincidence?

This is one of the best action thriller I ever watch.

You think that a movie that talks about an few hours hijacking that took place in a subway would be boring? Then you're totally wrong! The Taking of Pelham 123 is a very interesting and suspenceful movie. The storyline is very creative and the ending is very satisfying. This is what we want in a movie!!!

This movie talks about Ryder aka John Travolta hijack a train at Pelham Bay Park Station that they boarding at 1.23pm (This is how the Pelham 123 name comes, the train took off at 1.23pm ) and asking for 10 million dolar from the Mayor and must be deliver to them within 1 hour. In the meantime, Garber aka Denzel Washington was on duty that day and he's the one to contact with Ryder while the whole hijacking case going on. It is very interesting to listen to the conversation between Ryder and Garber, and how Garber deal with Ryder, how Ryder trying to force him tell the truth that his bribe in Japan and Ryder kill one passenger if the money late for one minutes. I mean the way that Ryder talks to Garber on the bribe case is really making me feel so nervous. I'm really amazed by the ending where they found out that the whole hijacking is not only about the 10 million dolar

John Travolta looking freakin cool as a bad guy!!!

After this movie, I gotta add John Travolta into my must watch actor movie list. John Travolta is very good in acting, he can act as woman, comedy, cool guy, bad guy......but now for sure, I will like to watch every movie that John Travolta starred as a bad guy! He's damn cool in this movie!!!

You will not get bored when you met a guy like John Travolta on a train.....but for sure you would not like to met Ryder on a train because you'll be in TROUBLE!!!

I LOVE the conversation between John Travolta and Denzel Washington all along the movie!!! They're both very smart guy in and outside this movie.

Is this Ayers from The Soloist!? No, he's not holding a biola, he's holding a gun!!!

I almost cant recognized Denzel Washington in it. Haha maybe he's a little fatter than he used to be...and the haircut and make up, of course the acting skill as well! Denzel Washington's character makes a lot of decision in this movie. He's the one to save the people in New york city, he's not only hero to all the victim but also to Ryder....(in the end, it is so sad.....)

There're so many important decision that can decide the live or dead of the people to be made in this movie. What will you do when this money is not arrived yet and the time is up where Ryder start to kill the people on the train? Will you tell him the truth or lied to him? You know Ryder is such a psycho or maybe should I say he's very smart in planning everything...And what will you do when Ryder wanna kill someone if you don't tell the truth of yourself which if you tell, it will lead you into a big trouble. For yourself or for the one in the other end where you don't know him at all? The decision will lead to different outcomes. And do you believe in coincidence or everything is planned? Like in this movie, Ryder plan everything from the beginning, he say he know how it ends....but in the end, he didnt end up as he PLAN he going to be. No matter it is planned or it didn't, there are always chances or obstacles that can change the ending. You're the one to decide the ending. And in the end, Garber make a wise decision for himself after he's been making decision for the others along the whole proccess (and he's able to buy the one pint of milk back for his wife and children).

This movie is very satisfying and enjoyable to watch. I highly recommended this movie!!! Bet you never get bored watching this movie!!!

(PS : Ehem, wondering will From Paris with Love as good as this...??? Hmm, oh don't forget to vote for your best Pixar animation on the right sidebar.... )

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