Jun 3, 2010

Pixar's animation!!

Pixar animation studio makes great animation. Each of the animation is unique, with outstanding storyline, interesting character and high quality visualisation.

From The CLASSIC Toy Story to A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo to Ratatouille, Wall-E....and Up!! The most successful Pixar animation would be Finding Nemo, touching fishy story. And followed by Up and The Incredibles according to the worldwide gross.

Every animation by Pixar is great, but if I have to choose.....my Pixar animation top 3 will be Monster Inc (My favourite animation of all time!!!), Up and Finding Nemo....(Pss, I havent watch Ratatouille and Cars yet~~)

Monster Inc,

Best monster partner, Mike and Sully!!!

It might be one of the animation I can watch over and over again and still touched by the scene where Boo (The little girl...) don't want Sullivan (The fluffy monster which Boo call him Kitty~~) to leave her when Sullivan sent her back and destroy the door(awww, always feel like wanna cry when i watch that scene).

Love Boo and Kitty!!!

The monster in Monster Inc is very unique and the storyline is great. Of course i love the relationship between Boo, Sully and Mike (That one eye monster...) Another scene that keep me laughing is the scene that Sully thinks that Boo is flattened and cut into a garbage cube. His facial expression is freakin funny!! Love Monster Inc soooo much!!!
Here you go, the garbage scene!!

The next one will be Finding Nemo.....and I'm shocked that Ellen DeGeneres did the voice of Dory, yes, the blue fish which speaks whales language (haha, that's really funny..)

Marlin and Dory GREAT adventure in the sea!!!

The adventure of Dory and Marlin searching for his son is cool and how Nemo end up in the the tank, how all the creatures spreading the story of Marlin searching his son, Nemo. Well, fish can be very interesting too..

In the tank, remember them?

Finally, one of the best Pixar animation will be Up.

Carl is annoyed by Russell...a warm hearted kid trying to get an assisting elderly badge.

One of the really cool thing about Up is that they express the relationship between Carl and Ellie without any explanation or conversation of the character but with only background music. But it still show us how deep is their relationship. It is very touching. The little boy Russell that met Carl and start their adventurous journey in the South America is very interesting and I think the bird kevin is very funny and cute at the same time.

Kevin! Russell pet bird which is kinda cute and love how Kevin imitate Carl's movement.

Carl is trying to make his wife's dream come true but too bad his wife died. Up is a very touching and meaningful animation, especially that part that Carl flipping his wife's adventure book and saw the last few pages that his wife wrote for him (T_T....that is very touching~). Heart crossed!!

Well, A Bug's life and Toy Story will be the more Classic Pixar animation to me as I watch in during my childhood and everybody know and watched this animation before. Wall-E will be a more to commercialised success animation and it is really nice to see how Wall-E treat E~~~~~Va~~~~haha, Wall-E is a very loyal robot.

The Toys will invade the cinema soon!!!

I think the rest of Pixar animation is really nice too. Maybe I should go and check out Ratatouille and Cars as well......
In the end, let's vote for your favourite Pixar animation on the right hand side poll!!!

(PS : Alert!!! The Toys Troop is coming back!!! Toy Story 3!!! And Monster Inc 2 is in making!!!! Can't wait for that!!)

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