Nov 17, 2010

Pacman that BOX!

There are only three person I know when it comes to boxing,

1. Muhammad Ali "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee~", the Legend!
2. Mike Tyson, he don't float, he don't sting....he BITEZ! Oops, he's a great boxer overall....!
3. After the two boxers, there will be one and only that I can often heard they talking about this guy when it comes to boxing, it's the Pacman, MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!

Manny Pacquiao, the Destroyer or better known as Pacman!

He's not the type of Pacman that nom nom nom all the cherries and stuff. Pacquiao is the one that he can give you a punch and you will be flew to somewhere near the north pole. Of course he only did this in the ring!

Pacman with the suits!
Pacquiao almost won all his fight and according to the record, he only loss three times. He KO lots of boxers as well. I'm not really a fans of boxing and actually I only watched Pacquiao's fight ONCE.
That is embarrassing! And this is how I feel about Pacman.
Pacquiao didn't much give a punch or being aggresive in the first round of boxing. I guess he's the observer type. Only after first round, he will start to give some jabs and punch to the opponents! He got the speed and accuracy of giving a punch. And for me, I think he's not those huge and tall boxer but he got the skill!!!
And congrats on Pacman's victory against Margarito lately!
A tough fight!
Heard that both Margarito and Pacquiao are injured "quite badly" in this fight! Maybe I should go and check out this match.

"Take this Punch, Cherry!!" Pacman.
Pacquiao also run for congress in Phillipines and guess what? He can sing! See! I think this is the fact that Filipino can sing really well! And Pacquiao is a movie star too~ Multitalented boxer ya!
But rumours said, Pacquiao going to retired soon. Wonder whether is this the rumours or truth! Well, that's quite sad though because I just started to learn how to watch a boxing match.

(PS : I'm not that clear with those boxing boxing thingy and rules. I'm a football fans after all. Wish that someone could guide me watching boxing! :D)

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