Jan 1, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive of RIH!!! is finally revealed !!!

So the winner goes to........hmmm....em.......(what? feeling impatience to know isn't it....? Okay I know actually you knew it once you look at the poll...=='') It's Johnny Depp!!!

" I'm the only one"

Well some of you might get confuse when you look at the post, because Johnny Depp is actually leading with 1 votes ahead of both Brad Pitt and Robert Downey jr.

Johnny Depp is not only sexy, hot, handsome, charming, attractive......isn't that I using a little bit too much of these words on him......Well I know you all won't mind, he's of course a very talented actor as well. Edward Scissorhands is one of his most outstanding movie role that makes him popular and followed by Sleepy Hollow, POTC (want some Rum huh?), finding neverland, charlie and the chocolate factory, corpse bride, sweeney todd and public enemies, soon to be Alice in the wonderland.

The most amazing director and actor pair up, Tim Burton And Johnny Depp

Personally I prefer his clean cut look (ok, I'm first not attracted by his looks, I'm attracted by his talented acting skill...for sure, no cheating to you guys) but among all his character, i mean in a movie I would say that I love Jack Sparrow the best. Just found out POTC 4 movie title is On stranger ties.....got nothing to do with the fountain of youth??? Hmmm, as long as Johnny Depp is in it, well I don't mind. Oh ya did you guys know that Johnny Depp is actually playing in a band as guitarist....??? Well, he really talented then. But actually all of his movie role, he potrayed it differently yet with oustanding and amazing acting skill. And most of his role, you can see a different Johnny Depp in it (he's real cool!!!). He's taking the role of Jack Sparrow because of his children, it's a disney based movie.....what a sexy daddy....emmm i mean a great daddy.

Well after Johnny Depp is actually a tide between Brad Pitt and Robert Downey jr.....so I will first talk about Brad Pitt (ya know to avoid people saying that I'm unfair that I talk about RDJ first, I admit that I heart RDJ....haha).


Okay Brad Pitt.....he has a beautiful face, sexy bods, gentlemen behaving.....and has a killer smile (which can kill you with a smile, most victims is woman.) Well, he's so sexy in anything....I mean he's the only one that can looks so good in any hairstyle, no matter long, short, bald, buzz cat or whatever. And he looks good in everything. His movie credit? A little bit too much if I have to say it all out. Let's start with his shine out role in the movie that brought him fame and become an A lister, the fight club (well, you gotta watch this movie....look at the picture then you'll know)!!! After this will be Ocean's series, Troy, Mr. and Mrs Smith, Jesse James, Curious case of Benjamin Button, Inglorious Basterds.....and burn after reading (my favourite!!!)

The hero of Trojan.....

Bloody yet sexy!!! Hot bods....

Can you actually think of such a smart and beautiful people like Brad Pitt take the role in Burn After Reading......which the character is soo stupid and died for stupid reason or without a reason which really makes Brad looks cool by taking this role. Brad is actively taking part in doing charity, building houses for homeless people....Wow, this is what makes him sexier. I guess I really do not have the need to further describe and explain how sexy he is....look at him or watch his movie, and it will solve the problem of How sexy he is.

Shining times!!!

The last one it's Robert Downey jr.....He's Sherlock Holmes, he's Tony Stark and he's the new sex symbol!!! He can act!!! He is a talented actor as well.....and he's sexy of course. His popular first act will be Chances are, followed by Wonder boys (wanna watch spiderman and iron man in a movie?? Here you go, watch this movie, when they were both tennagers), Chaplin, Gothika, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, Iron Man, Tropic thunder, the soloist and Sherlock Holmes. Well there's a big problem with robert downey jr.....hmmm....You can't recognized him in a movie that he play (but not for me, I can recognized him, hardly.....well he has a variety of character role I guess....NOPE!!! He's good in acting!!!) My favourite role of him is in Zodiac, the drunk and has a miserable life guy, I think he take the role well.

Oh, serious Downey looks HOT in winter time....

He's really sexy and with a sense of humor.....ooooooohhhh, and you can see how hot he is in Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. He can sing too.....got a nice vocal.....Yes he's the one, without any doubt.

Bang Bang!!! You're killed by Downey sexiness....

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