Jan 1, 2010

The imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus

The movie's title may sound a little long and....weird......But this is like a modern Alice in the Wonderland movie.

Well, it's a Heath Ledger last movie project and which is one of the movie that required to stop filming after the death of Heath (it's such a sad things to happened, he's a great actor)...till Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell agree to take Heath's role, so that the movie can continue.

It's about a betting between a doctor and a devil where Dr.Parnassus has a mirror and whoever go in will reflect their desire and in the imagination, they will have to make decision whether to go for a right or wrong route. What can I say is....The world inside the mirror is wonderful, mystery and it's like alice in the wonderland plus charlie and the chocolate factory (both starred by Johnny Depp).

But for me, it's the first movie that i feel kind of confusing....a little.....because till the almost ending of the movie, I don't know whether it is a real world or the imaginarium of the Dr.Parnassus. Well, I can't believe Depp is acting as a charming, sexy man in this movie...haha in the imagine world. Ya I know he's hot and sexy but this not the kind of role he would take in a movie....he's more like those weird role, but still sexy. Jude Law is a model for a housing agency??? a successful entrepreneur??? Well I never saw a hot one like that. Haha. And Colin Farrell is another hot guy in the imagine world. There's hardly to find a movie with so many hot guys include Heath.....and the character Anton, who potrayed by Andrew Garfield.

This movie is very fantasy-like......and very funny too. I like the england ascent that speak in this movie (just some personal opinion though). But the only thing is that i think the director should concentrate more on the imaginarium world...maybe an adventure in there because the movie is like dragging for a little bit too long for me about the story of Dr.Parnassus (there're some moment i feel boring.....I got to be honest).

The storyline is unique but I won't say that it is the best movie of 2010, of course because there are more movie that I looking forwards. The cast are talented in acting though.

(PS : I saw Iron Man 2 trailer....FINALLY in cinema!!!!!!! Oh god, it's like I'm watching my own production...haha. I can see people think the trailer is cool!!!! Looking forward to Clash of Titans....I will like to watch Old Dogs as well.)

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