Dec 24, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Review

Yep, I can't believe I'm finally writting Sherlock Holmes review since the day this movie start shooting till the end of the day it is on the cinema big screen, I'm talking about it non-stop.

First of all, this is a little lower than my expectation eventhough my talented RDJ is in it, i gotta say that, maybe I always put too high expectation whenever there's a RDJ movie. Why I say so? I guess Guy Ritchie get used to film action based movie so this leads to a full action packed Sherlock Holmes and lack of a little investigation in it. In another words will be it lacks of "angel and demon" elements. Whenever the crime scene happens in this movie and the way they investigate the crimes, it's lack of the impact and I don't think I got trigger by "Wow, i wanna know what happens next" or "Oh, who did the crime??"....BINGO, yes it didn't trigger the curiosity of the audience!!!

The fight scenes is all good....Guy Ritchie will never let you down in action scenes. Of course, you can clearly see that Robert Downey jr aka Sherlock Holmes is fighting with wing chun kung fu in this movie....Huh, sherlock holmes practice wing chun??? Haha but it's real cool. And the slow motion fighting scenes with explanation is something that oustanding and unique.....and hilarious. They did put a lots of efforts in doing that slow motion fighting scenes so enjoy it. Well, I gotta say this movie is hilarious though, check out conversation between Watson and Holmes, they are a little bit intimate in this movie, don't you think so?

And i find out there's a scenes in the trailer but not in the movie, the scenes that Rachel Adams aka Irena Adler kicks RDJ aka Sherlock Holmes private parts. But sometimes they say they will involves some scenes in the trailer which will not be in the movie. It's quite impossible that i miss out any scenes when I watching this movie since someone is in it so i think it's usual edited trailer things.

"You know that I can't live without you," Holmes to Watson.

Gotta say Sherlock in this movie is very different from the usual should-it-be Sherlock but I gotta say this sherlock makes me got an new idol because the new sherlock is funny, hot, weird but really smart!!! He has a good observation....and like to play violin a lot haha, as well as experimenting on himself or anything he can find. Well, director and lead actor Guy Ritchie and Downey used to call Jude Law HOT-son, once he got cast as Dr.Watson. He's really hot (in my opinion not as hot as Downey kekeke). Sometimes I can see Sherlock like a little bit of jealous when Watson is with his fiancee but it's really fun to have such a watson-holmes relationship in this movie, haha they are really really good buddies like brothers i think.

Wooo~~~Nice hot bods.

And there is one thing i really not satisfy with in this movie.....Rachel Adams kiss Downey!!!! Okay, i know i'm talking something nonsense again, haha. I hate it....but it has to be like that. I think this should be Downey wife thought when it comes to this scenes because she is one of the director.

I think that movie in nowadays like to involves with straight forward jokes in the movie. Well, actually overall it is quite okay though but just lack of something which can makes the movie better, for sure that there will be sequel which is regard on the new....not really new enemy, Moriaty, which first they say Brad Pitt is cast for this character. No way....I prefer the others actor maybe johnny depp, haha. Oh ya, Robert Downey jr in last part did some fencing with the Mark Strong, from that i can see that he totally qualify for Pirates of the carribean. And I like Downey in the Doctor outfits and well as the eye patch looks.

Conclusion, sherlock holmes can FIGHT!!!! Of course can investigate too (of course he can, he's so smart).....that's why Downey keep saying he loves all the actions when filming Holmes.

(PS : After this movie, I guess I'm quite interested with Holmes character....he's weird but smart. Gotta hunt for another movie.....)


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hey can any one of tell me the song track played furing fighting scene in which holmes fights with a fat man wuth nothing waering above except pyjamas the pic is also given in this page itself!!!

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its link is