Dec 23, 2009

Bodyguards and assassins review

I never thought that I'll watch a hong kong film in cinema....unless that i really interested but i just did and it is all because of no choice, i'm deciding to watch avatar but SOLD OUT make me watch this film.

But you know what??? This movie is great. It's by Donnie Yen, "IP man" actually should pronounced as Yip Man. This movie is a politic-based movie but it's not boring at all. Action is involved so don't worry about that this gonna be a boring movie. However it's a little bit too violence though. I mean the scene.

However this is a nice movie, better than i thought. Love those action moves by Donnie Yen, he's great wing chun fighters. Leon Lai character the beggar is kinda cool too. He's actually very good in fighting but gotta mentioned one things, most of them died in this movie.

The part where they want to protect Sun Zhong San is the climax part of the movie which involving many action scene, well, a movie that relate to politics can be made into such interesting is not easy, you guys should check it out.

The conclusion is just check this movie out by yourself. But i think this movie is a little too fast, i mean in the sense of they carry 5 days in the movie in one movie. (I know kind of confusing right???) Hong Kong movie ain't all bout gangster.....sometimes there can be a nice movie too. Thumbs up!!!

(PS : tomorrow going to watch Sherlocks Holmes....Hooray, i can see i'll have a nice review for it tomorrow...for sure!!! Confidence with Downey acting skill...)

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