Dec 21, 2009

Charlie and the chocolate factory + Where got ghost review

Yes two movie in a row......

First I've watch Charlie and the chocolate factory which 've been a hits for so looooooong ago. I'm interested to watch this movie, first because of Johnny Depp, can't deny he's a talented actor and secondly, i wanna see that how they convert a novel chocolate wonderland into this movie.

I love Johnny Depp clean-shaved look. He looks good, don't you think so?

Well, the storyline of this movie is.....em, not to say that it is very intesresting, but....what i mean is the novel itself got a good storyline. So you know like the story is about chocolate, the fantasy world, interesting character, which is what that make me feel so interested in this movie. If it is by the storyline itself, it may be a little weak, or should i say simple, imaginable stodyline but Roald Dahl 's imagination is really amazed me like on the factory, the character and the environment is great!!! Thumbs up.

Fashionista.....Yes, he is!!!

The character.....Yes, Willy Wonka by Johnny Depp. First of all, i gotta say that Mr.Wonka is really fashoinable, i looooooooove his outfits and style for sure!!!! With Johnny Depp acting skill makes the character perfect. I really love Johnny Depp's acting because he's like different in every movie he's in which is the only thing similar to RDJ and mostly cannot be recognized by most of the people BUT not for me, i'm good at that, ya know (Deep down i admit i'm a movie geek).

I think Charlie's grandpa is also another interesting character which makes the movie more alive....haha. The surrounding is really...what can I say, they really put lots of effort in the movie. The chocolate river is real, some of the trees or plant is not a fake stuff in this movie too. Great!!! I love movie with effort. By the way, the Burton and Depp pair makes no mistakes as we know. So it's a good movie for me. It is very suitable for children because everything seems like all the children will love and curioos about. At last, i would like to work on the invention lab and testing on the product on other peoples haha, any volunteer???

Where got ghost review.....Well singapore movie by Jack Neo. Jack Neo is popular for making educated movie....meaningful and touching yet hilarious for the audience. He's a great director....BUT I guess this would be the worst film he ever made. Well No offend, I'm a fans of his movie but i don't think this movie is as good as what others people think by achieving a really good box office sales in malaysia, sorry I don't get it. There are 3 sub-story in this movie which is a horror comedy movie but mostly comedy. Only the last story is great. The first and second story....i don't even know whether i wanna laugh or I'm scared by the movie. NO.....really no comment for the first two part of the movie. Last part is okay, good. I will say that you can watch it whenever you want to but not a must watch movie though. Sprry to say that, but looking forward more movie from Jack Neo.

(PS : Sherlock Holmes premiere is Dec of 19th....ohhhh, I've missed it!!! Downey looks good at the premiere, the leading man!!!!)

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