Jan 8, 2010

Old dogs review

Well, this is a similar "cases" with Bodyguards and Assassins....don't get me wrong, it's because AGAIN avatar is sold out....=='', I don't like this feeling and I got "cheated" by Avatar twice (sob sob, it hurts me so bad....) So I went to watch Old dogs, the difference is I wish to watch Old Dogs from the moment I saw the trailer....Love at first sight?

Why watch Old Dogs?

Firstly, because a comedy with John Travolta won't go wrong (John Travolta should considering switching to full comedy actor after those Greaseeeeeeee thing....he can make a hot comedy actor though), a comedy plus Robin Williams is perfect.

Secondly, it's a comedy by Walt Becker....you know Wild Hogs.....Yea, got it? It's really funny but meaningful in the same times.

This time is about "again" two buddies that go through lots of things instead of 4 buddies go through lot of things....with bikes (happens in wild hogs, just doing a reflection). They're both top sport marketing business man and the change of destiny make this buddies got to take care of Robin Williams's kids.....i mean the movie character. All the things happened during this baby sitting session is very hilarious where again the "gay concept" is used again to trigger the audience to laugh out loudly. The part they swicthing their medicines is funny too. Well personally I LOVE the camping part....haha. But there're touching part in this movie too like how Dan (Robin Williams) try to save the relationship with his children, how he puts the effort in it. This makes Becker's comedy different....and of course not to miss out the riendship that shown between Dan and Charlie (John Travolta character, a playboy....ehem, maybe play-man, he been recognized as grandpa in this movie).

At first I was thinking why this movie title is named as Old Dogs....??? (It sounds weird, nothing to do with baby sitting....) BUT, actually this is sooooo right to be used as the movie title. In this movie there's a part explain that a buddies of yours is like an old dogs, always accompany you, whenever you need him or her, and stays with you all the time, like a family members....I love this, this is meaningful......I got to tell this to my old dogs...(Wow, see! New words.....)

Some of the jokes is very straight forwards (most of......==''), do not contains any deep meaning for us to thinks to figure it out by ourselves and characters from Charlie and the chocolate factory and Batman is mentioned in this movie...Check it out see whether you realized where it is....

Well, I gotta say I love this comedy, it's a family comedy, suits for a family to watch and have a laugh together, well, family and friends are the most important things you ever had on the earth, so appreciate them (I know I know I sound annoying but sometimes I just wanna share my own opinion...and this is the truth.) Another nice comedy from Walt Becker. But the ending is a little too rush...like rushing to make to the ends....Overall it's a nice comedy.

(PS : Wild hogs is going to have a sequel!!!! Yea!!! Looking forward for The Men who stares at Goats....Legion's trailer looks cool!!! I hate Avatar....ehem, no offense just because that I went to the cinema twice and I didn't got the chance to watch it!!! maybe destiny?)
Extra from RIH!! Blogger : Our daddy may not be superheroes, or Kings of a country or brave or tough but remember, Daddy always try to do anythings to protect their children, the only things that Daddy is cooler than superheroes is superheroes is solving crimes all the times but Daddy will always be there for their kids.

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