Jan 11, 2010

VGA : Battle of the bloggers....I'm in.

Yes, I'm in ( take as a chance to promote keith urban song as well, I'm in, check it out...=='')

Okay, I'm taking part in this battle of the bloggers by VGA and Animax and get chose to be one of the ten bloggers to compete. I guess I'm really lucky enough to get chose though (I'm the chosen one? Where's my keyblade...)

Well, the bloggers with the highest site traffic win (definately not me plus my blogging isn't as good as the others). So please come and support me, this is my animax blog site (maybe you can check it out) : http://community.animax-asia.com/profiles/blog/list?user=1hu4z5pl192rv (gotta apologize because you'll need to sign up or register to enter my blog....>.<)

And honestly, it's a little tough for me to blog to compete in this contest because I get used to those hollywood stuff right...??? (yes I'm...sorry I'm having a problem with asking and answering myself ) Maybe have to put a little more effort in it...? Well I try my best though (next week topic : it's KEITH URBAN or MOVIE REVIEW....=='' I'm day-dreaming in the night....COOL)

Yes, that's all I want to say....Good luck to me, and the rest of the bloggers.

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