Jan 13, 2010

Keith Urban won People's Choice awards

He deserves it!!! I mean seriously, Keith Urban should have won this awards way back few years ago (sob sob....and it's not too late though for him to won now....)


Yes Keith Urban has won the favourite music artist which beats John Mayers, Jason Mraz, Eminem.....

Well I think he really deserves it (I know I've repeated it so many times but listen to me....I'm very serious this time....I mean you guys can relax a bit, don't push things to a tension level, I'm the one pushing it, isn't it?) Well, what I mean is he's the musician that I can see he really putting efforts making his music, having passion in music and cares about his fans (I'm gonna highlighted this, he's really cares of his fans....honestly!!!)

"I'm gonna poke you with this..."by Jackman.

"I'm not afraid of werewolf!!! Arghhh!!!"by Keith.

And he been working so hard in country music and co-produce or actually I should say he produce his own albums...He's talented and lastly he's the one that deserves the award (I'm happy and proud of him.).

(PS : some addition, Keith sometimes got his crazy sides too....haha Looks at the picture with Hugh Jackman, haha only one of the examples)

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