Dec 15, 2009

Bon Jovi The Circle

So let's do some revision.......what's the name of Bon Jovi's latest album.........???

It's The Circle!!!!

I think people who following my blog or reading my blog would know that i've wrote about this album or Bon Jovi a thousand times...=='', here's the link of one of the ''samples'' :

So why I'm posting it again??? Because is giving away Bon Jovi's latest album!!! And I really wish to get one because it's comes with a Bon Jovi POSTER!!!!! (fainted...)

So another requirement to enter the contest is to answer what's come to my mind about Bon Jovi....??? What're you asking about? He's my husband.....=='', emm okay...i should talk about U-rated stuff right.....

Well, seriously.....Bon Jovi has influenced my whole life. I first ''met'' them.....on tv.....with a distance of television screen, so close yet so far. It's the song called It's my life....(i got ''killed'' by Jon silent killer smile) which i think that i'm the second generation of BJ fans, because the first generation of BJ fans is all get ''killed'' by Livin' On A Prayer.....the second generation is get ''killed'' like me....It's My Life~~~

Let's make it short....i think Bon Jovi song is really energetic and optimistic, so whenever it comes to Bon Jovi will make me think about positive, optimistic and sometimes a little naughty...because Bon Jovi sometimes is having a'' Dirty Little Secret'' and a little ''Complicated''.

Well, of course i enjoying listen to BJ last album which is a country album called Lost Highway....a different kind of Bon Jovi without losing the Jovi spirit (in my term, Jovi spirit is the positive and optimist it?)

The Circle is another kind of Bon Jovi album with different feeling but keeping their Jovi spirit in it. So.....i have to win this contest to have a taste on their new album!!! By looking at their poster and listening to Bon Jovi song, I think it can somehow cure my Jovism diseases.....NO, I don't suffer from Bon jovi addiction and I enjoy every seconds of it!!!

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