Aug 16, 2012

Small car crowning the automobile industry?

Small car, or I would name them as mini car, yes mini car, first thing come across your mind would definitely be The Minis, Mini Cooper, pioneer of bringing small car's trend to the world. They have invade the market in recent year. Glance through the road and you can see majority are mini/small cars. Small car getting more attention from the people probably because of the more affordable price, convenient, and the design nowadays for small car can be stylish as well.

Everybody know Minis.

Well, Mini Cooper no longer owning the crown of Mini Car any more when there are new batch of small cars competing in the market. Fiat, Mitsubishi, Ford, Suzuki and Volkswagen is giving Mini Copper some threats by offering more affordable price and different design for the consumer to choose from.

Fiat Punto Evo.

A sporting design from Abarth. To be honest, I think Grande Punto looks better. This is the esseesse version of Punto Evo, some sort like upgraded version. Equipped with MultiAir engine (Not a car geek, not sure what is that). Rumors said the steering is too light. I prefer moderate, not over-light steering. Evo is faster compared to Grande. But the original Evo is, hmm, you need to think twice about that. 

Fiat 500, Ferrari tribute version.

Fiat 500 is more like a cuter design of small car, but the Ferrari tribute design is kinda kickass. But I don't like the idea of having the gear knob in the slightly front top position (I found that it's quite uncomfortable to handle it, gear knob is a very important stuff other than the design, price and the seat when it comes to the priority factor in choosing the right one car.)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

The design is mama desu. But it's eco friendly. It's small, short and narrow but the interior capacity can fit an elephant, just kidding, it can fit a normal person or even a taller one. It's an electric car so you can saves the world by driving it around (a tad bit, maybe regarding saving the world). It's tall although it looks small in size. However the motor noise is a problem, loud when it sprints. Nothing's perfect.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback.

I like this one. Ford Fiesta looks sleeky and it provides comfort drive. The whole thing is close to a comfort package. But there will be more review to come as Ford Fiesta is a newcomer in town. We will see, it has a really good beginning. Safety wise, I heard it's good.

Volkswagen GTI.

This is my favourite so far, not to mention R8 (That's my ultimate car! Not small tho!). But it's pricey. It deserves wearing that price tag and it's one of the most desirable drive in town. I-want-one!

Suzuki Swift Sport.

Suzuki concentrated on their new Swift series and I think it's getting good reputation and loved by the people as there are only two cars I saw mainly on the road (Malaysia), Myvi and Swift. Suzuki is releasing a new one, Swift Sport. The price is differ a lot from Swift as it's rather towards the classy category in style and perfomance.

That's it. Small car, grows big. What do you think?

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