Aug 27, 2012

Premium Rush Sony Pictures Screening Review

Was glad to be invited to the screening of Premium Rush by Sony Pictures. It meant so much to me, as I really love bike (can't say I'm one of those pro-bike that can do stunt and speed up and down the hills but I enjoy biking) and this is a movie about people delivers parcel using bike and encounter with trouble and lead to some action chasing scenes, with bike. Aren't that sounds so interesting? Instead of the same old car chasing scene, they use BIKE!

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Wilee.

Premium Rush, starting with a bike delivery company, deliver things using bike, taking alternatives route, for the sake of biker's passion on cycling, not so much if you count on the pay. Main character Wilee, carry an envelope and got some "bad guys" chasing after him and he has only one goal, to deliver the envelope to the right person no matter how. And the exciting part begins!! 

It was so thrilled! Watching them chasing after the envelope that Wilee (JGL) is delivering. The point is that, Wilee's bike has no brakes, watch him do the stunts, the brake he made by sliding the back tyre of his bike, oh my's so cool! It's a pure action movie, no fighting, just bike chasing but it was good! Worth for the thrill and excitement.

The VOLT bike Sony Pictures giving out to the grand prize winner, no BRAKES!

Biking is so fun, I always thought of bike chasing was a really cool idea to be involved in a movie and they did, put it on the big screen and I like it so much. But, bike without brakes is dangerous, unless you're as good as Wilee but still he got into accident (no spoiler, no spoiler~). 

Th actors in the movie are good, bet they did some dangerous stunt as well. Heard that JGL injured himself by smashing to the cab, got some stitches for that. Not that easy to film this movie, I guess. Just that the "time jump" might be a bit confusing, remind me of Vantage Point, a very good movie that I like. Overall, it's good. Not recommend to watch it with popcorn, save your time for the action scenes. 

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