Sep 4, 2012

Best way to eat Oreo in Chopstick style

Yes, you might think that this is just another silly act or so whatever. But trust me, as an Oreo hardcore die hard fans, having a difficulty in eating Oreo can be a big deal.

Let's get to the main point. Eating Oreo is all about "Twist, Lick and Dunk". Best served with milk which is one of my favourite junkies duo, Oreo and milk, work best together. But there is always one thing troubling me, the moment you dunk that attractive piece of Oreo into the milk. You want to make it a full dunk of Oreo so that the milk can immersed into the entire piece of Oreo biscuit. Problem is, you get your finger stained with milk and get a lil' messy. Yea, who cares as long as I get to eat Oreo with the milk. NO! As a perfectionist (not really), we have to do it in a right way!

I try the fork method, work out pretty well at the beginning but doomed, the Oreo spread apart after I dunk in the milk, I try a few times, same things happened and it's like the biggest disaster ever happened to me. My dear Oreo, witnessing it sinking in the milk and GONE!

I have no choice and did some brainstorming, me and the Oreo's. Yo, why not try the chopsticks!!

Kung fu dunking Oreo in the milk!

The chopstick, it works! First of all, you get the whole Oreo dunked in the milk, phew! Secondly, of course your finger won't stained with milk. Thirdly and the most important part, the creamy filling don't fell off and Oreo is fine as a complete piece immersed with milk. Objectives achieved.

Ya, chopstick might be a bit difficult for foreigner but practice makes perfect. Try to deal it with some kung fu moves (prefer Tai-Chi style, the gentle way) and have some inner peace like Po do. Try a few times and it will works perfectly. You'll be rewarded the perfect moment with Oreo's and milk (as well as big improvement in chopstick skill so that you can eat sushi or maybe chinese noodles better). It worth the try!

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