Sep 17, 2012

Alexis Bistro's Tiramisu cake

Alexis Bistro has been given a good review by many people, especially on their desserts. Some said they have the best tiramisu cake in town. Oh I gotta give it a try then. Tiramisu, mean take me away, so I just take away the Tiramisu cake from Alexis to my home just to perform a Tiramisu to the cake (Lame~).

Nice packing like I just did some clothing shopping. (Hide yourself, margarine!)

The tiramisu cake looks slightly different from the rest.

The tiramisu cake is sprinkled with pecan, caramelised and contains of cognac. I have to say it is very different from the usual tiramisu cake we ate. But the taste is just average and not as superb as what others said. First of all, I think that the cake is OVERLOADED with caramel pecan on the top. It's super sweet and it's too heavy that it has cover the taste of tiramisu itself. So, it's no longer a tiramisu cake and more like pecan cake. But I like the chocolate bits in the tiramisu layer. I would just say okay and I don't think I will give it a second try. Perhaps different people having different opinion and tastebuds. But this is just not my piece of Tiramisu cake. 

Close up on the pecan top layer.

And it's consider as a premium cake I guess, RM 15 for a piece. Almost forgot about the strawberry sauce come with the Tiramisu cake. It's a very unique combination but if you ate together with the top layer, it might taste a bit extreme sugary. Just couple the sauce with the spongy and tiramisu layer will do. Still a "Nay" for me. But the berries meringue looks promising. I'll try that next time.

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