Sep 21, 2012

Change of blog author's name

Yes, if you have been following my blog (No one follows my blog~ *tears oozing out*), you might notice the author is no longer Urbanae (WHAT!?)(I'll expecting/day-dreaming people chanting, "Bring back Urbanae!"). No more The Chosen One : Urbanae shoots at ________. But Urbanae, the name has been replaced by HY.

Oh why? No worry, guys and girls. Still the same author here. NO CHANGE OF AUTHOR! Just the change of name. Chinese tradition stating that name is very important to one's whole life. Changing the name can bring revolution, quoted by ex-urbanae or currently HY. No, I was just thought that, not just thought maybe that's the truth, Urbanae is too difficult for everyone. Like people would say like, "What kind of name is this?" "Are you even a human?" Things like that so I decided to change it into HY, which makes not much different (Haha).

Just HY is easier to pronounce and remember (pronounce as H-Y, no longer Er-Ban-Nay.). Well, you are still very welcome to call me as Urbanae, maybe Banny but the best would be HY now.

Just that, a little announcement, a change and some post will be coming soon. Keep watching, reading, stalking this space.


bizo v said...

XDDDDDD er-bun-neh noooooo!!!!
why!! Orz
Pls: Can't wait to see what will happen to your blog here!!
Pls2:...I have changed my name too Orz no more papaya please haha!!

HY said...

Gosh! My name~
Hahaha can't wait to see my own blog too been away for too long! Love ur blog! <3 <<<< it's a heart!