Oct 25, 2012

Selangorlicious Season 2 Food Blogging Competition Winners Prize Giving Ceremony

I would like to apologise and yes, you can throw stones flowers to me for vanishing for such a long period because I've been BZ doing something else, ex: my convo (Yes, I've graduated~ *applause* Kids like me able to graduate is like a miracle that never exist.).

Booyah to all those stuff I just mention. I'm going to blog about much interesting event, yes Selangorlicious Season 2 Winners has been chosen and was invited to the prize giving ceremony. How irony am I being happy for getting invited but being so sad deeply inside where seeing people getting/winning $$$ from the competition~ (Such a tragedy to a poor kiddie!) Nah, just kidding, I got some awesome food there too, that's more than enough!

Let's browse through the photos~

Prize Giving Ceremony held at Gulam Mee.

Elizabeth Wong giving a speech.

There were the winners. Yeah! Extra $$$ to spend~

With the YB.
They are having 3 category, mandarin, malay and english for season 1 and season 2. Rumor spreading there will be an extra category, what will it be?? I place my bet on Tamil! After the prize giving session, it's dinner time!

Sticks and sticks of Satay.

Gulam Mee!!

My portion of food, having a diet, never!
The Gulam Mee taste really good, you can feel the aroma of the stir frying mee on your tastebuds and I bet it would taste better if we add in a small wedges of lime in it. The fried chicken is good but the satay is just nice, I think they overcooked the satay so the meat is a challenge for weak teeth and gums.

Can't wait for the next season! Perhaps I would take part in it next time!

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