Aug 9, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Game Preview

Sleeping Dogs, latest game published by Square Enix. A classic cop drama action gaming take place in Hong Kong. Releasing for PC, PS3 and XBox, God bless they will be doing the same to PS portable as well. Growing up watching Hong Kong undercover cop drama make me feel like some sort of "love at first sight" when I saw this game. Been watching too much and now, hands on the gaming version of it, it's like a dream come true!

Gangster-cop action, it's a must have!
Gaming mode is similar to GTA, open world environment which you can move and explore around freely (+1 for this). Same to the combat system, free-style, you can fight with bare hands, martial art, using the environment's stuff you can get (phone booth, saw, etc), with guns and Slow-Mo mode just like Dead To Rights, so you can shoot better or simply into that stylish slow-mo action. Driving, car, motorcycle, and best part, you can fight, shoot and jumping onto other vehicles when you're driving (AWESOME!). And run and chase mode, just exactly the same like what we saw on those Hong Kong drama cop series.

Undercover cop in the criminal organisation.

In this game, gamer will be playing the role of the undercover cops, Wei Shen in a Triad organisation to gain trust of the gang, playing as an organisation member to take down this criminal organisation from, the inside. You have three XP to gain, the triad, face and police. Triad and police is gained from the organisation and police as well. Face XP is by your reputation, through clothing, vehicles and things you own.

Loads of action.
I need to get one of this game, if it's not releasing for the portable, I think I'll get the PC version. The gaming pattern is just what I crave in a game. Go and get it!

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