Jul 25, 2010

Cyril : Beyond Imagination 2010

"This is just the beginning"

After Cyril bring us magic tv show, Cyril : Simply Magic last year (Great show! Only that never ever watch it with your little cousin, coz you might end up with tons of question like : Why's like that? How he do that? =_='' Deep down I was like : "How I know?" But of course I gave a better answer : It's simply magic!!), Cyril now is coming back with a magic show (watch live magic!! Any telecast? ) and this time, it is held in Hong Kong!

It's Cyril : Beyond Imagination!! (Is it available in 3D? Okay not funny!)

The red is kinda punk huh?

There are only 3 show in Hong Kong and it is a 2 hours magic show! (*Jealous* Feel like wanna gives a Tamama IMPACTO!!)

Okay, since last time Cyril did come to Malaysia for Cyril : Simply Magic, it's a tie...(But where the heck I'm during that time!!) It's not important!! Sad news is the ticket is....SOLD OUT which actually should be a good news!!! But who knows? This is only the beginning !! (copyright from Cyril) Maybe Cyril would add a few more shows for the people in Hong Kong!!(ehem, I'm just saying that, not sure whether he will add another shows.)

Magician always love to surprise the audience!

By the way, rumors saying that there will be Cyril : Simply Magic Season 2!!! And rumors always turn out to be the truth!! So, guess we will be watching Cyril : Simply Magic 2 on AXN maybe next year? Hopefully!

Cyril : Simply Magic 2?

About live magic show, I think I've only watch twice in my life! But I was too young, so I cant really remember who I'm watching. I only remember that first one was in Genting, the magician was doing something related to a small plane. The second one was in Korea, the only thing that I remember is that the magician's ending, where he makes lots of doves appear, then he was like let go each of them and in the end there was like snowflakes coming down from the ceiling. Well, I would like to go for another live magic show and most probably will be Cyril's show! (Only if he decide to have one in Malaysia.)

(PS : Enjoy the show people!! Lei Dei Zao Hou La, Yao Dak Tei Cyril Gek Mo Sut!! (Direct translate to cantonese!!!))

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