Jul 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 the finale...

The final is here!!! And we're getting closer to the end....(which mean we cant hear the Vuvuzela sound anymore!!! =_='') I mean we have to wait another 4 years for another world cup!!

Who's going to bring the trophy home?
So now, it's left with third place play-off and the FINALE!!!
Let's take a look at the finale, Holland vs Spain!!!

The Dutch is playing well from the beginning till now...

The Flying Dutchmen!!! (From Pirates of the Carribean???)

Not really a fans of the Dutch, but one thing for sure they have some really good attack player, Van der Vaart, Snejider, Kuyt....I think Robben is a really threatening player for the opponents. Or now I should say for the Sepanyol~Whenever the ball is with Robben, the opponent better watch out!!!

Another one will be Van persie....!!! He got a super killing left leg....when he playing for Arsenal!!! But not really sure that he perform his best for this world cup. Well, we will see what can he do for the Dutch in the final!!!

Show us what you got, Gunners!!! (Err, I mean the one on the left!!)

The another team in the final, Sepanyol!!!

They have a pretty strong line up too (not compared to the previous squad!!!) They have Puyol, Ramos, David Villa, Torres, Fabregas, Alonso ( not the one who drive in F1 )....

I love their coach, Vicente del Bosque which is previous Real Madrid coach (I think he lead the Galaxy star really well...)

I'm counting on David Villa (on the left) to do something for the team!!!

But I'm condfident with the defending line....because we have Cassilas!!!
He is one of the goalkeeper that perform with consistent, reflective and with good goalkeeping skill (The others will be Barthez and Given).

Don't know about his new beard, but I'm sure Cassilas can secure the goal post!!
Personally, I think Cassilas without the beard looks much like Orlando Bloom....aka Legolas!!

I'm an elf~

Well, for the third place play off!!!

Germany vs Uruguay, Germany've been winning with big scale of goal in this world cup. They did improve a lot on their attack (Not so for their goalkeeper...). But there is no 100% winning in a football game. Podolski and Klose make a perfect match. (I mean on the field as teammates) For my personal opinion, I think Muller, yes he scored but I think he's kinda selfish on the field and he plays pretty rude. Schweinsteiger helps a lot in the team too but...he's rude as well. Uruguay have Forlan as the key player.....I didn't watch any Uruguay match in this world cup. But i think they are quite strong.

As conclusion, I would like to say that, this is (sorry to say that) the worst world cup I ever watch. No teamwork at all between the player, everyone is trying to score on their own, a lots of diving and rude play!! Where's the fair play and sportmanship we used to saw on the field?? And no footworks or dribbling skill is noticed in this world cup....except for the Algerian, I saw they did some dribbling ( I don't see Messi and C.Ro as good as they say!!)

I have to say that Lando Donovan, play pretty well for US. Nice one! As well as Enyeama and Parton (if not mistaken, the name should be Parton) has really good goalkeeping skill. Lahm did a good job in defence.

From this world cup, I have to say that a new football generation is born. Miss the old gang, Figo, Nedved, Davids, Maldini, Raul, Zidane.....and on and on......

(PS : Paul, the octopus chose for Germany and Spain this time...I guess Paul dare not to choose the other country, because it will probably be made into german octopus sausages. )

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