Jul 31, 2010

Vampires : Los Muertos...a lil vampires stuff and the Avengers!

I've been searching for this movie, not because I love vampires or this movie is good ( Oops! ) BUT....Jon Bon Jovi is the lead actor in this movie!! Yes that super hunk rockstar, the vocalist from Bon Jovi.

So, guess what!? Our very own TV2 put this movie on their list yesterday! (which is kinda cool, TV2 is improving!! Ehem, they've been having lots of RDJ movie as well!!) Honestly, not really into this movie, if Jon is not in it, I dont think I will watch it either!! He's so charming in this movie...as always!!!

Jon is a part time hired killer when he's not singing in Bon Jovi. No kidding! He kills with his charming killin' smile!

So Vampires : Los Muertos is a movie all about vampire hunter who hunt for vampire!! And actually I didn't finish watching this...haha and didn't much pay attention to the storyline! (Guess I was way too focus with the lead actor...hehe!!) So they was like need to fight against a vampire leader who searching a way to make herself (yes, it's a gal vampire...) able to walk under sunlight, so they can do things better like bitting people during the days, enjoying their meat so that they wouldn't have to wait till the night.

Smokin' hot guy with killing weapons, I mean the look!!
To be honest, I think Jon is an average actor since he's a singer originally, but if he going to starred in another movie...I will spend my money on the movie just to watch him. (Uh oh!! It's time to send myself to rehab again.) They should consider taking Jon as Captain America, he's much suitable than that Chris Evans ( I still can't forget and fogive him because he's the human torchlight in Fantastic Four )!!

Jon (vampire hunter) kills Edward!!
Well, not a really good movie, quite bloody but can't satisfy from the visual effect!! And one thing, Jon kill that vampire guy, Edward!!! The hotness. This is a fact that I'm not a Twillight fans especially the Rob Pattison (He really look much like a vampire!).

Let's move forward into a totally not related stuff!!! The comic cons!!
The hulk's role is confirmed!! And it's Mark Ruffalo to take on the green guy's role. I think Edward Norton did a good job playing the hulk! Let's see what's the differences in The Avengers!!
Can Mark Ruffalo manage to handle the Hulk's role?
And here's the Avengers cast!!! I wish that Jon Favreau is the director...but come what may. Guess it wouldn't be a bad movie if RDJ is in it.

The Avengers cast!!

Okay, can't wait for it ald!! The Avengers gonna hit the cinema around 2012!! Let's see how the Marvel superheroes save the earth. (Woops, are they purposely set it at 2012?) Tron Legacy and Green Lantern (DC comic's movie...) is coming soon!!
(PS : The comic con is awesome! Wish I was there!! )


"I" the writer said...

Cant for 2012! Avengers!

Urbanae said...

Yup!! The Avengers will b the BIGGEST movie in 2012!!