Aug 9, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Resident Evil is coming back!!! Zombie Attack ALERT!!!!!

This time, it's Resident Evil : Afterlife~~~~

Hunting for zombie!

Milla Jovovich is going to save the survivors from the city filled with Undead (Zombie!) after she get lost in THAT island ( in A Perfect Getaway...woops!)!!

So how do you go against the evil Umbrella Corporation if you're Alice or Claire?

I think I will probably have a better design of umbrella. Red and white just seems s lil' too boring...(O_0 Umbrella Corporation don't produce Umbrella....Oops!! Juz kidding!)

Ya, we don't produce Umbrella...
Well, first...we just don't want use violence to settle problems! Let's use the law. So I'm gonna sue the Umbrella Corporation for producing virus thingy? NOOO!!! They should have prepare all these before they start the company.

So I will sue them for using the name of Umbrella from Rihanna and Jay-Z song title! No kidding! It's not gonna work? Then you can try to type Umbrella on google search and you'll see Umbrella by Rihanna came first instead of Umbrella Corporation. Besides that, there are tons and billions of Rihanna and Jay-Z fans on the earth. So, let's us use the Umbrella effect to vanish Umbrella Corporation!!! I bet Rihanna and Jay-Z would interested in this lawsuit (Ngek ngek ngek...)

Little Miss Sunshine will BITE Umbrella Corporation for using her song title!!

Jay-Z gonna RAP-off Umbrella Corporation!!

It's kinda impossible it won't work....(=_='') So I'll have a back up plan! Let's have Michael Jackson to fight for us! Why?

What makes Zombie stop ripping off human's body? (Think, think...)

It's MJ"s Thriller Dance!!! Even the all those prison in Phillipines can perform thriller together...just because of the power of Thriller Dance Moves!! So let's use the Thriller Dance Moves and recruit the zombies~And with this, let's destroy Umbrella Corporation!! Umbrella Corporation can't stand this kind of THRILLER!!

Zombie can't resist the power of King of POP!!!

Umbrella Corporation will then have a chance to experience how is it like to get BITE from a bunch of zombie!!!

Or maybe I'll send Edward Cullen from Twillight to defeat them. Then, it will turn out to be I bite you, you bite me scene going on. Oops, another parody...?? But I bet at least Edward can kill those female zombies by his.... charming LOOK!! Ehem.

No, we're not using your fangs, Edward. We using your look.

Maybe I can hire The Expendables the A team? I guess the firepower and martial art is GREAT enough to destroy them. You know sometimes we can do some crossover!

The Expendables...hmm, will it be Expen-sive to hired them?

I can think of borrowing the Shrink Ray from Gru!!!! Yea, let's just shrink the Umbrella Corporation and destroy it!!! That's much easier!!!

With the help from Gru and the minions!!!

I guess with all these...Umbrella Corporation won't be able to survive after all. (Then , it will be the end of Resident Evil series? NO!!! It's ok, we'll come up with a new storyline then.)

(PS : Resident Evil : Afterlife is available in 3D, they should consider doing it in 4D motion!!! That would be awesome. Hmm, how it's feel like to bitte by 4D maybe? :))


Jan said...

I hate zombies. I hate zombie movies but give me a gun and I become in control of a game character..


Where can I get pea shooters?

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

great post and all the best for the comp!

do check out my entry as well ya?

Urbanae said...

Hah! Thanks!