Aug 14, 2010

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

This "POP-EYES" fried chicken is seriously an eye-popping meals for those fried chicken lovers out there!!!

I've been hooked to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen since they first invade Malaysia in Midvalley. Then I try out their store in PJ area and as well as the store in Selayang.

First of all, gotta say that their chicken is HUGE! And they marinated the chicken as it taste good without any Ketchup or Chili sauce. The set usually comes with coleslaw, mashed potato, their mild or spicy chicken and a biscuit (I will call that a scone....FREAKIN LOVE THE SCONE!!!)

Here it is!!! POPEYES Chicken!!!
The coleslaw and mashed potato are another surprising factor that they taste really nice! The mashed potato itself is so milky creamy...YUMMO!! And the cajun gravy COMPLETE the mashed potato.

Cute couples...meant to be eaten!!! Muahahaha! Oops.
You can try their cajun fries as well. The louisiana tenders is meant for those who love to have a big bite on the chicken without any obstacles aka BONES! (chicken fillets without bones....) Their chicken bowl is kinda unique too that they actually have red beans in the rice!!! Hmm, not for me though, i'm not really into red bean THAT MUCH.
However, today when I went to Popeyes Louisiana store in Selayang, I found that it's kinda shocked because...I'm the only customers in the store!! (No, I didn't booked the whole store for my dinner.) I think their fried chicken is way better than some other fast food franchise fried chicken. The only thing that they really need to get more attention from the peoples!!! By the way, I found out that the employees in Selayang Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is really friendly and polite. You know sometimes services is really important and I think they did pretty well so far.
You can give it a try for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen!! Yups...the chicken will make you fly. XD
(PS : I fell for the scones...they taste like biscuit but looks like a bread. They juz taste so "complicated:....haha! Love em!!)


Nick said...

Looks really nice !! AAARRGGGHHHH !!

jfook said...

I love Popeyes too. Awesome.

Urbanae said...

Nick : Haha! :)
jfook : Yea, I heart Popeyes too~~~