Aug 15, 2010

A lil' Theobroma Choc Lounge, Popilla and Satay~

Today rush myself to The Curve and lots of stuff and fullfill all my desire!!!

Let the pictures speak for me!

The elevator is kinda cool!

Try on Theobroma Choc' Lounge vanilla ice cream. The choc sprinkles is nice. It would taste much better if it's the french vanilla. I shall have a meal there next time!
Actually, the purpose went to The Curve today is to find a pouch for my newly born PSP GO, I'll name it as Mox. I'm kinda into my Mox because it's just....COOL!

Ya, check out my MOX!! Playing Little Big Planet, will have a review on the game soon!!! Love the sackboy!

Of course, none other than looking for the star war collection of adidas, The AT-AT Forum!!! That shoe kill me!!!'s kinda sad to know that there's no Adidas Original store in The Curve area. Not really sure that this still available or whether it's available in Malaysia.

The shoe looks soooooooo......ARGH!!!!!!!!

And I end up looking for The Merge backpack in Tough Jeansmith. Of course, as predicted, not available anymore. BUT!!!!! I found a Touch pouch that is kinda suits for my MOX. Yea!

The Merge backpack! Aren't it just look as cool as my Mox and the AT-AT...and me? XD
After that, went to have my favourite smoke salmon burritos (With cheese) from Popilla in Ikano!!! You don't know how much I love smoke salmon! It's like how much I hate egg yolk! I share a portion of Shi Lin Mi Sua with my parents too~~(Ya, I know I eat a lot, but I only ate the oyster~Slurp!)

Look at the smoke salmon!!! It seducing me~
Before going back home, manage to grab myself two copies of magazine. Cool! I don't know that my hubby Robert Downey jr is featured at Men's journal....(Yup, I bought a MEN's journal, uh...I'm a fe-Male.)

RDJ looking good on the cover!!!

And having Xin's lamb satay as supper! What can I say? Having all my favourite lamb, smoke salmon and cheese in the same day. My life is complete!!

The best lamb satay I ever had! Meh~~~

That's all for my day!!

(PS : Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is real cool!!!! And guess that I dont have time for The Expendables!!! BOOOOO!!!)


Merrinette said...

i miss satay!

HonGkYenK said...

The satay is delicious :D