Aug 27, 2010

Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS 2010 and new single

Hold your breath...

Calm yourself down....

And I'm gonna tell you now....Bon Jovi is having their GREATEST HITS album and will be released in this november!!! And it will be released worldwide (worldwide include Malaysia right??)!!!! Thanks god!

Their new album cover. Aint that look like The Circle plus Crossroad...? Loving it!!

This album will be having 16 hits of the boyz!!! Living on a Prayer, It's My Life, Wanted Dead of Alive....and the new singles, which the first single is What Do You Got. But there is another one which is Bon Jovi The Ultimate Collection (I'm dying to get this one!!!! Digging my bank account...) which will be 28 hits and 4 new songs which are first singles What Do You Got, The More Things Change, No Apologies, This is Love and This is Life.

Ain't that a lil' late for them to release in November!!! I've been waiting this for so long which they chose to release The Circle first...but I think it's worth waiting!!

They are the only band that rock my life!!!

And the new singles What Do You Got is released!!! I'm freakin LOVIN it!!!!! That's sooooooo NICE!!! And it's gonna be a hits. You can listen to the song in their official website. (The link below.)

Listen to "What Do You Got" :

Can't really stop myself now because I keep listening to the song!!! OMG, hopefully I can get the Ultimate Collection as my pre-birthday present. That would be really nice! The only thing left to do now will be going to Bon Jovi concert. My life would be complete!!!

(PS : Are you a Livin' On A Prayer era fans or It's My Life era fans? Me...? I'm a Bon Jovi Die Hard fans!!!! :D)

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